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3 Feelings to Avoid to get a Flat Fee Divorce in Miami

Date Added: November 28, 2013 01:05:28 PM

Divorces have a reputation for being an expensive, long and a miserable experience. In Miami, a flat fee divorce can be done easily and quickly, if you know how not to let your feeling get you stuck in the process.

If you are headed for divorce, you can avoid the expense, time and misery if you keep the following three feelings out of the legal process of divorce—or better yet, pay attention to them by getting help outside the courtroom to deal with them:

1.         Revenge or “getting even” - Getting even with a spouse for any reason will make you spend time and money trying to get something that a divorce court cannot give. As an example, if you found your spouse cheating, you need to know that the court is not going to punish them for having betrayed you. All a divorce court can do is divide whatever you guys accumulated during the marriage, whether you got property or debts, or both.

Better to get the divorce over and get your revenge by getting yourself a new life—a fresh start, alone to fulfill your dreams or with someone else you may eventually meet. The sooner you’re done with the divorce, the easier it will be for you to put it behind you and start fresh.

The sooner you get your urge for revenge under control, the quicker you will be able to get the divorce done. Otherwise, you will be spending money and time trying to get something that you will not be able to get in a court of law. Plus, along the way, you will feel miserable as the process drags on and you watch your legal fees mounting.

2.         Fear - This feeling is very sneaky, mostly because it is so subtle that you may not even realize it’s there. It could masquerade as anger; or maybe even sadness even. This is not to say that you may not in fact feel anger or sadness, but that sometimes anger and sadness may substitute for something else.

Fear could also be related to thoughts about loneliness, like fear of being alone, of not finding the right partner. Or it could be related to finances because you may feel you will be missing out on whatever assets the two of you bought during the marriage. It could be the mental fatigue of having to start over. Regardless of how fear manifests, the bottom line is that you will have to find a way of putting it in perspective so you can move on. 

The important thing is to realize that while these feeling are normal when it comes to divorce, you may be better off dealing with them on your own, with the help of a therapist. But, what is not a good idea is to let them creep into the process of divorce, which may prolong the misery of the process without bringing you any real benefits. Long legal proceedings are costly, and you’re better off spending that money on getting whatever help you think you need.

3.         Insecurity – New situations will normally make us feel out of our depth, bring us into new territory.  This is normal in divorce as well. It only becomes a problem when we cannot make a decision about what we have in front of us.

In relation to the above three feelings, it helps to know what the legal landscape looks like. 

Grounds for Divorce
The majority of states have no-fault divorce, including Florida.  This essentially means that the marriage is broken. It doesn’t require a laundry list, or even one thing, that you think is wrong with your marriage or spouse. Since it doesn’t matter whose fault it is –not your and not your spouse’s--  it become a question of making the divorce as easy for yourself as possible.

It really then becomes a matter of sitting down and seeing what needs to be done to get it done.

Getting a Flat fee Divorce
Once you know how to deal with any or all of the above emotions from the divorce, it becomes a matter of you and your spouse following a few (rather) simple steps:
Step 1:
Deciding how to divide whatever property and debts you have.

If you have children, that it includes deciding everything that has to do with them, from spending time with them to getting them financial (child) support.

Step 2:

Once you and your spouse have made these decisions, your divorce becomes an uncontested one. You can get an uncontested, flat fee divorce in Miami fairly quickly, where all the required divorce papers are done for you electronically. 

Step 3:

What is left to do is once the above steps are followed, is to show up on the day of the hearing and get divorced.


For you, your divorce does not have to be an expensive, long and a miserable experience. You can choose how long it will take, how much you will spend, and how to cut short the experience so it doesn’t become a miserable one. In Miami, an uncontested divorce even with children is an affordable option for you and your family.