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A Short Story About Him, Her, And Time

Date Added: January 27, 2017 02:52:42 AM
They sat together in silence
Drowning in their own thoughts
She doesn’t like goodbyes and he hates saying goodbye
So she decided to stay and he decided to leave, without saying anything.

As he left, she closed her eyes and hold her breath
She tried not to cry, but failed
She hates him saying goodbye, but
She never thinks that the silence hurts more…

She was still there, he saw her
She was trying her best not to cry but she failed
He just wanted to hug her tight and never, ever, let her go
But he could not
So he kept walking, and walking, and never look back

He stopped walking
He knew the ending was not right
But he could not do anything, he could not fix it
Time won’t let him

She stopped crying
She knew the ending was not supposed to be like this
She did want him back, but she could not
Time won’t let her

Time decided to let them meet again
They finally meet again, there, on the street
She, with a new guy
He, with a new girl
They stared at each other for a while and smiled
Then, they walked away

The way he smile, she never forget
She doesn’t want to
She was happy to finally meet him again after a very long time
A very long, hard time
She could not describe how happy she was

Her smile was still the same; he always fell in love whenever she smile
He was glad to see her again, all of sudden, here
He could not be happier

They never forget what happened between them back then
He was exactly what she needed and she was exactly what he was looking for
They were happy together
And they are happier even when they’re no longer together

I never regret having you as a part of my life,
You are both a blessing and a lesson
I hope you are happy with the life you are living right now, he said

I am as happy as you are, she smiled
You are the best thing that’s ever been mine and will always be,
And i hope you think of me as the best thing too, she said

== End ==

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