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A few things about forums

Date Added: May 31, 2007 04:50:56 AM

Forums are message boards where members exchange messages with one another through their web browser program.  Forums are one simple and useful way to generate traffic for your website and at the same time make more money.  Most of the forums are password-protected, so that only survivors can access them.

Message :

Messages posted to a forum or Usenet tend to be publicly available long afterwards.  To post a message or add a topic, you must login or register.  Internet forums are also commonly referred to as web forums, message boards, discussion boards, (electronic) discussion groups, discussion forums, bulletin boards, fora[1] (the Latin plural) or simply forums.  Newly posted messages are sometimes subject to a delay of several minutes before they appear.  Before you are about to post, you can spell check your message by clicking on Spell Check.

Discussion :

Discussion forums allow you to share ideas, opinions andinformation quickly and easily.  A typical Internet forum discussion, with common elements such as emoticons.  Discussion forums have different levels of openness in participation.  Wordpress comments at the bottom of a blog post allow for a single-threaded discussion of any given blog post.  A number of parallel forums have been created, and are used by forum members for discussions, exchange of information and documents, etc.

Members :

Members also have theability to send and receive personal messages to each other.  In order to increase community participation, the option exists to provide rewards to those who givehelpful or correct answers to community members' posts.  Depending on the permissions of community members as defined by the board's administrator, they can post replies toexisting threads and start new threads as they wish.  Forums convene several times each year, thereby enabling continuing dialogues among the membership.  The Forum Rules are designed to make the forums a pleasant place for everyone, and while it is very unlikely that Ergonomics Society members will fall foul of them, it is worth reading through them before you start posting.  Members should post intelligently and considerately, and should not SHOUT or use excessive numbers of emoticons, punctuation, and sized or colored text.

Messages :

Messages:Messages are the individual discussion posts made by community members.  The board software may also allow the administrator to create wordfilters, automated scripts which strip undesirable text from users' messages.  Users wishing to create new forums and topics, or post messages, should use the CORDIS online Forums.  Registration is a quick, simple process by which you create a user account that identifies you and is associated with any messages you leave on the forums.  The permanence of messages on many western-style forums can encourage users to self-moderate.

Forums are a powerful marketing tool to provide early insights into trends such as changing opinions and attitudes.  Forums are where you can post a question and get expert advice from the community of Solaris developers and system administrators.  Sometimes, when the forums are very busy, it may take a little longer before your message shows up in the forum.