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CranberryCrandale capsules - 100% pure Fresh Freeze-Dried

Date Added: May 01, 2008 07:29:59 PM

        CranberryCrandale offer the Cran-dale capsules which have helped many patients to avoid  -  or cure  -  urinary tract infections. Taken regularly they are very beneficial. If a patient does feel an infection coming on for some reason -  up the intake to 3 - 4 a day  -  if it persists by all means contact your doctor.   

- Cranberry capsules  can be taken with antibiotic to further assist fighting the infection.    
- There are very very few people who experience allergies to cranberries - very safe to take. 
- Men suffering prostatitis have taken the Cranberry capsules with good results.  
- one of the numerous testimonials given in the book (offered on our website)  is: "Since taking the fresh freeze-dried cranberry capsules my kidney fuctions are better. If I stop taking them, my urine becomes cloudy, quite strong in odour, and a dark yellowish colour. Both my husband and I are taking them on a daily basis now"       
- Patients with indwelling bladder catheters can benefit from the cranberry capsules - it is often difficult to drink sufficient cranberry juice to offset infections.   
- Cranberry capsules are easy to carry, and store well. Excellent for people who are travelling.
        Please visit our website for further information,  who we are. Our website also offers a book  "The Cranberry   Nature's Answer to Urinary Tract Infections" which is written by owner/manager of Cran-dale who suffered kidney failure herself in 1988 and credits the Cranberry capsules for her excellent recovery. The book is also offered via and c.d.    
        The health of our urinary tract is very important - and ill-health can lead to kidney disease and dialysis. Take care of it now  -  by taking CranberryCrandale Fresh Freeze-dried Capsules!