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Fighting With Hair Loss Problems

Date Added: August 25, 2010 04:28:58 AM
First off, you should not go out and try every single chemical or organic hair loss treatment that you can find and use in a single night. That is not going to help anything except the stores you bought them from. The treatment of dramatic hair loss should really be dealt with in a gradual manner, you need to increase your defense a little at a time or you can make the problem worse. You should begin with a little regiment before you move on to the ' big guns', and with so many products out there that truly do absolutely nothing, you should get in a mindset to pace yourself as you go.

What type of hair loss treatments are there?

Anti-Inflammatory Treatments

Like the name suggests, these types of treatments are focused on causing any hair or skin inflammation to go down or be prevented. Some common skin inflammation reactions are redness of the skin, flaking of the skin or an uncomfortable itching. Many different things can cause these types of reactions, but for the majority it is going to be an issue with a hormonal imbalance in your body or a problem with your particular immune system. This is a very important first step to building your regiment because most likely, other treatments will not work properly without some kind of anti-inflammatory treatment.

Dihydrotestosterone Treatments

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a natural chemical that is made from testosterone and will slow down or sometimes completely stop hair from growing. This chemical is usually not made until you are in your 30's, but it can sometimes begin at an earlier age as well. DHT Treatments are going to try to inhibit the production and creation of DHT. Because DHT is the main reason that one will lose their hair, your DHT treatments are going to be the largest part of your hair loss fighting treatment regiment.

Antiandrogens Treatments

Your antiandrogen treatments are designed to completely block DHT from getting into or around your hair follicles. These treatments are made to be used in conjunction with DHT Treatments; DHT treatments will stop the chemical from being made, while your antiandrogen treatment will keep any residual or DHT that gets through to get into or around your hair follicle.

Growth Stimulation Treatments

Lastly, you will probably want to include some sort of growth stimulation treatment into your hair loss fighting arsenal. It is mentioned lastly because it really is not meant to be used alone. Because it only focuses on creating new hair growth but does nothing for the main cause of hair loss (DHT), you will probably not get very far if it is your only treatment.

All of these things are really meant to be used together as part of an entire hair loss treatment arsenal. Hair loss is a complex problem that must be attacked from all angles in order for there to be some chance of success. Even then, your genes may win out in the end. However, at least with a full plan against hair loss you have a better chance of having new hair growth than doing none or only one of these things.

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