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Hair Loss, A Modern Epidemic

Date Added: February 27, 2017 01:23:33 PM
Hair loss is a growing problem (no pun intended) for men and women around the world. We’re more stressed than ever, we’re more exposed to environmental stresses and all of this can lead to hair loss, restricted growth and other problems. This is a problem that affects as many as 25% of all adult men, but it’s one that also affects more than 30 million women in the United States alone. It’s something that is firmly rooted in medical science, something that we have answers for and solutions for, and something that really can have a disastrous effect on the psychology of the individual. But despite that, hair loss is still treated as as vanity issue. That needs to change, and sites like are committed to making that change happen as soon as possible. This stigma isn’t the only issue that people with hair loss face, however. There are many problems, many roadblocks, and in the end the solution isn’t always very clear.

Bad Diet

There was a time when being overweight meant you were wealthy and could afford to eat to excess. These days, however, everything has tipped on its head. The stereotype of the slim individual is of someone who has money to eat healthy food and someone who has time to worry about their weight, while the stereotype of the overweight individual is someone who can only afford to eat cheap and nasty processed foods. But it’s not just your weight that is affected. If you eat poorly, then your hair, your skin and you nails will also suffer. Your teeth, your bones and your joints won’t fair too well either. You’re getting the sustenance you need to live, but at what cost? One of the main contributors to hair loss in men and women is a poor diet. And when informed about this, those experiencing hair loss simply say that they have no choice. They eat that way because they have to. That may be the impression you get from looking at the prices in your local grocery store and comparing them to a health food store, but it’s far from the truth. Simply by incorporating certain vitamins and minerals, by drinking more water and by focusing on other key areas, you can drastically improve your overall health from head to toe. There are even certain foods that can make your eyelashes grow faster.


One of the major factors for hair loss in women is a hormone imbalance. This is often caused by medications and lifestyle. The problem is, in fixing one condition, we completely ignore another. For instance, the contraceptive pill can throw your hormones out of whack. It can lead to all kinds of problems with hair and skin. If you present a doctor with these problems they would likely balance the pros and cons and still determine that the pill was the best course of action. A little hair loss isn’t all that bad, right? Except, it is. Ask any woman to list their top 5 fears and one of those will be hair loss. A woman’s hair is incredibly important to them. It’s something that defines who they are, something they spend a lot of time on. If that starts to fall out or thin, then it’s going to have a hugely detrimental affect on their psychology. As a result, women experiencing such hormone issues from using the pill need to seek a better course of action. There are other methods of contraception for both men and women. The pill doesn’t need to be the go-to treatment.

Time = Stress

Time is a great healer, and hair loss is no different. There are conditions like alopecia that will trigger significant hair loss, but will allow that hair to grow back in time. Trauma, ringworm and even childbirth can also trigger transient hair loss. For a woman experiencing such significant hair loss, it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that everything is okay and that it will grow back. Their stress levels increase, they get anxious about their appearance and about further hair loss. This in turn can trigger hormone imbalances, it can lead to poor lifestyle choices, and all of that can do further damage to the hair. Before long, more hair has fallen out, more problems have been caused and by the time the situation should be remedying itself, it has developed into something much more serious.

Take it Easy

It sounds crazy, but the best thing to do when you experience hair loss is just to take it easy. Make sure you’re relaxed and at ease. Make sure your diet is solid and you’re getting enough water. Talk to your doctor and see if you can find a medical cause, and then carefully seek a solution. Hair loss affects more people that ever before, and that’s because we’re more stressed and more under nourished than ever before. It’s a damaging condition, but it’s one that can be fixed with a few simple steps.