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Hawaii by Moped - Better Pacific Travel

Date Added: March 22, 2010 05:12:47 PM
Let’s face it – Hawaii has gorgeous weather all year round, panoramic views, and is pretty easy to navigate because the islands only have a few main roads – roll down your windows and you’ve got a driver’s paradise. The downside is that gas and vehicle prices are expensive (what isn’t expensive in Hawaii?), the populated areas are often laden with traffic, and if you want to hop islands it’s next to impossible to bring your car along for the ride.

Rather than travel by bus, which has an inflexible schedule and limited area of service, or by car, which is expensive to rent, buy, maintain, and fuel, Hawaii tourists and residents are finding that a different form of transportation might be the best way to get around the Hawaiian islands. The unfavorable economic situation in recent years has also increased the need for more affordable means of transportation. Because of these and other reasons, more Hawaiians are realizing the benefits of traveling by moped – a number that is increasing every year.

Mopeds combine the flexibility of driving a car with the resourcefulness of taking a bus. They take advantage of all of the positive aspects of Hawaiin travel, such as the fantastic weather, gorgeous scenery, and short driving distances. In addition, they counteract most of the negative aspects of driving in Hawaii, namely the high cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle on the islands, and the ability to zoom through heavy traffic that is simply not possible in a car.

The portability of a moped is also important when living on or visiting the islands. A moped is much easier (and cheaper) to load onto a boat, ferry, or even a plane for inter-island travel. The cost of owning a moped in Hawaii is quickly reimbursed after taking into account fees such as insurance, fuel, maintenance and repair, hauling fees if you plan on taking you vehicle off the island, or rental fees if you decide to rent a vehicle. Obviously, there are many perks, both monetary and experiential, to traveling by moped.

Learn more about Hawaii Mopeds and the benefits they provide for residents and tourists of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii by visiting