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Health and Weight Loss

Date Added: April 20, 2010 08:45:10 PM
Health issues relating to diet and weight loss can be confusing to say the least. It often seems like each expert or non expert for that matter has an opinion and these opinions often seem to contradict each other on what are the best methods and what methods to avoid. Then there is the addition of seemingly endless products and diet pills that one can take that can reduce ones weight. While all of this can be definitely confusing I like to stick to the basics and what professionals can for the most part agree on. That way you are going with what has been proven and not some so called new discovery that ends up being nothing more than a broken promise.
            The Weight Loss industry is a multi billion dollar a year business that makes several people rich but does not make everyone contributing to that industry thin. So often people are sucked into the continual barrage of advertisements of a product that will solve your overweight problems but then the product fails to deliver. What contributes to this is a society that is becoming increasingly sedentary and a poor diet consisting of high fat, sugar, sodium foods. As a result of poor eating and lack of exercise most know that it ultimately leads to a higher body fat composition that can lead to obesity. Compounding on this problem is seeing thinner and thinner people in movies and magazines.
            What people often mistaken for good health is fast weight loss. Under most circumstances healthy weight loss is a gradual process consisting of a good diet and a moderate exercise. It is then recommended that if someone is wanting to take a supplement to help their weight loss goals that then and only then, should they consider it. Some even look into over the counter diet pills to aid them in their weight loss goals. The reason you need diet and exercise first is simple, you need to be eating good food and having proper exercise first. If you are considered obese, there may be prescription medications that your doctor can prescribe to you but you must see your doctor and he or she will most assuredly want you to have a good diet and some degree of exercise as well. The benefit of an actual prescription being used for obesity is that it has to have been approved by the FDA and as such has been proven through clinical testing to be effective. FDA approved diet pills do come with some warnings and side effects and as such need to be respected. In addition these are not just for anyone wanting to shed a few pounds, they are reserved for those whose doctor thinks they would be appropriate.