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Hgh Supplements

Date Added: May 20, 2010 04:10:48 PM
Hgh stands for Human Growth Hormone, this substance in your body is responsible for cell reproduction, and growth stimulation. It can also be used medically to treat issues such as adults who lack growth hormone as well as with children’s growth ailments. Therapy with Hgh can also be used in age related symptoms and weight loss. It has also been used, especially in sports, as an anabolic agent to increase lean muscle tissue. This however is a banned substance in sports much like blood doping or anabolic steroids among other substances deemed to give people an unfair advantage.
            Researchers however have been able to develop products that increase secretion of your body’s natural human growth hormone. This is proving to be effective and sought after products in reducing the natural aging process and all the issues that develop with aging. This especially seems to be an interest in those thirty years old and over since this is the age when ones body starts to rapidly decrease the production of Hgh. Statistics show that the amount of hgh ones system at the age of 61 is approximately 80% less than what is in it at age 21. Or by the time you are 30 years old, your bodies natural Hgh production drops about 7% every 5 years.
            Numerous clinical studies worldwide have reported very positive results with increased Hgh levels. The seemingly cover just about everything that changes from the time you are in your twenties to when you become older. These include many aspects such as: The reduction of fat and the building of lean muscle tissue. Studies have shown that the majority of the fat lost in men also is removed from the stomach area, excess weight in the stomach area in men is associated with an increased risk of heart attack. The benefit of developing lean muscle mass is also always a welcomed event. Muscle not only makes one stronger but more muscle on your body means that it burns more calories thus also helping to keep the fat off. These benefits go far, it is no wonder why people in sports are interested in Hgh, and it also improved recovery time. But if you are interested and you play sports, be sure to use a supplement that increases your body’s natural development, not true medical Hgh.
            Generally when you are younger your body immune system tends to be stronger, and Hgh has been tied to this aspect as well. Some doctors recognize and recommend supplementing with Hgh releasers in order to improve ones immune system, especially if you are known to have a particularly weak one. Hgh also helps to build bone density which can play a vital role when you become older. This can help reduce fractures and pain stemming from weakened bones. There are also sexual benefits from higher Hgh levels. Just like when you where younger and your libido naturally was much higher Hgh can help to reduce things like erectile dysfunction, improve potency and increase ones libido.
            There are many more anti-aging benefits the increased Hgh promotes. These consist of lower blood pressure for those with high blood pressure, thicker hair on your head and younger looking skin. The skin can actually become thicker and more elastic which improved skin texture, reducing wrinkles and overall aging appearance of skin. Improvements in sleep also have been reported as well as an overall sense of wellbeing. Scientific studies show that Hgh can improve the chemical balance in your brain relating to depression, confidence, concentration and nervousness. Many doctors world wide know of the benefits of raising Hgh levels as your body naturally starts to decrease output of this substance in your body and claim it is like finding the fountain of youth so to speak.
            So how does one inquire about such products, and know what ones work well versus others that may not work as well. There are many resources online to find out more about these Hgh supplements including prices, guarantees and testimonials. Also talk to your health care provider or perhaps find others who have used these products, ask questions about their experiences with any of them. We recommend visiting our site specifically recommending what we believe to be the best sources available, you can find that source at our Hgh Supplements review page.