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Homework help and the role of a tutor

Date Added: December 25, 2009 04:10:54 PM
     Most students fail to hand in assignments as they feel they already understand the concepts being taught. This is one of the biggest reasons for poor grades. Of course exams and test traditionally consist of the bulk of course credit but without following through on homework assignments students don’t end up mastering the concepts to they extent they need to and thus overtime constantly score lower on tests and exams. Tutors realize this and help students complete homework assignments consistently and ina timely fashion. Also, the parents should at the beginning of the school year insist that the teachers have a daily agenda for their son or daughter listing any homework assignments they need to finish including due dates.

     If a teacher fails to give regular homework assignments then a tutor can provide additional extracurricular assignments that are relevant to what they are learning in school as most curricula’s are online now days. Don’t make the mistake of asking your child if they have completed their homework. Even if they child can demonstrate that the homework is done it is still difficult to determine the quality of the work done unless you have experience as an educator. Tutors of course can help make the homework process more inviting and potentially help stimulate long term interest within certain disciplines.

     Thanks to the internet it is easy for tutors to keep in contact with your child’s teachers through e-mail. Most teachers will be glad in knowing that a child with learning obstacles or difficulty completing assignments on time has a tutor readily checking to ensure they are not falling behind. Often tutors act as a liaison between parents and teachers. The tutor should be respectful and ask the teacher what they can do to help and not demand they interact with the tutor. If homework assignments are not completed sufficiently your child will not be receiving the most they can from their school experience. This is even more important for parents who pay high tuition prices for private schools.

     Tutors should ask the student if the homework too difficult, if they assignments areclear and easy to understand, and learning objectives that will be mastered as a result of completing the assignments. Another important factor for parents to consider is if their children are too busy with other activities such as athletics, community involvement, and family commitments.

     Another important factor in homework completion is motivation to do homework. In order for a child to become motivated a tutor or parent must also demonstrate excitement about the subject content. If the tutor isn’t motivated to learn and study the subject they tutor it is very difficult for the child to become motivated. Here are some guidelines for
tutors to ensure academic success through homework help:

    Contact the student’s teacher and ask that they have the student complete a daily agenda in which they record all important assignments, test dates,etc. Ask the teacher to sign it before they leave class each day. Set up a homework area for each of your children that is clear of clutter, has basic supplies, and is in a quiet part of the house.

    Schedule regular tutoring sessions to provide homework help. Help the student develop consistent study habits by demonstrating your consistency (do not reschedule sessions).

    Do not do the child’s homework. Often students will try to get the tutor to do the work. Have the students you tutor write down everything you do and don’t provide them with study sheets. Students need to learn how to make study sheets for themselves and this involves practice.

    As a tutor you need to be firm. Make sure the student understands that you expect homework assignments
to be done at a certain times without excuses. In today’s society most parents are unable to help their children with
homework assignments as they are often too busy. For those parents that do have the time very few have the skills required to help with certain academics.

    Some parents do not have the academic knowledge to help their children. In most scenarios parents and their children clash because of behavioral problems. These children often respond better to a professional tutor then the parents as they can easily place higher expectations. This external influence is often essential to motivate students.

by Chad David Walls, B.G.S., B.Ed.