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Ibiza villas don’t have to break the bank

Date Added: January 19, 2012 03:47:43 PM

Ibiza villaThe sound of cash registers ringing is what most people think of when the word villa is tossed about during holiday planning. But the truth is, if you are a family or a group of friends, you’ll discover that renting your very own private villa in Ibiza can be comparable to the daily rates you’ll pay for unremarkable hotel rooms in the centre of town.

You don’t have to be well-heeled or a celebrity to settle into one of these spacious and comfortable properties. Always compare the prices before settling on another week of hotel-based holidaymaking.

The advantages of having your own house are usually obvious, with villas best-suited for people travelling with an entourage of family members or friends. Ibiza villas come in many sizes and styles, ensuring you can find the ideal living environment for your needs. Some are cosy and rustic, while others are sleek and contemporary. They are rarely, however, located right in Ibiza Town or San Antonio. So for travellers who want to stay in the heart of Ibiza’s party and dining scene, a villa may not be the best option.

Everyone knows the limitations of a hotel room. They are small, impersonal and lack most of the amenities that make an extended stay comfortable and convenient. Villas, on the other hand, go out of their way to recreate a home-away-from-home atmosphere. The walls are decorated, the furnishings feel receptive to guests and there’s a bit of outdoor space, which is a real bonus considering the amazing climate of Ibiza. Better yet, many of the villas around Ibiza have their own private swimming pool.

Don’t be taken back when you begin browsing the nightly rates of these rental villas. The prices may seem expensive at first, but consider the ways you can save money throughout the week by having your own house. Nearly every villa has a kitchen which comes fully stocked with appliances and dining ware. Considering the costs of taking a group of people out to eat three times a day in Ibiza, cooking at home can easily save hundreds of pounds. Ibiza has plenty of grocery stores and off licences, so you can buy a week’s worth of food and do the bulk of your drinking at home while sitting outside on your private veranda in peace.

You’ll probably need to rent a car to get around, but good weekly rates are always available through the local and international car hire companies that operate at the airport and in town.

Renting a villa is only practical if there are more than four people in your group. By pitching in together, you’ll find that the cost of a weekly villa rental is just a little more than each person paying for their own hotel room. The potential for hanging out and making memories in a villa makes the cost good value for most. Families also have a lot to gain by staying in a villa. Privacy, space and kitchen facilities can make the difference between a stressful holiday and a relaxing one, especially if you have little ones.

There are a number of villa rental companies in Ibiza that can set everything up for you online and in advance. These firms typically offer other helpful services like flights to Ibiza, babysitting, car hire, driving, cleaning and errand-running. While it is possible to go online and book a villa directly through the owner, some of the best discounts are offered on hotel and car hire booking sites which deal with villa rental.