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Icon Motorcycle Jackets

Date Added: June 14, 2011 09:30:36 AM
Icon Motorcycle Jackets The first time I took an Icon Motorcycle Jacket out of the box I was blown away by just how serious this piece of protective gear was. First there was the smell of leather, which was an indication of just how much leather goes into one of these bad boys. The second thing that impressed me was the weight; there is some meat to these garments. I wouldn't say heavy but there is no doubt some heft to it. Next was the design, the Icon Stealth Accelerant Jacket was a blend of classy, elegant, rugged and evil, all in one. The exact look I was after. Here is a list of some of the other great feature of the Icon Stealth Accelerant Jacket:
  • Icon sport fit with straight body and articulated arms
  • Zippered shoulder vents
  • Removable, insulated and windproof liner
  • Removable dual-density molded foam back pad
  • CE® approved Field Armor shoulder and elbow impact protectors
  • Strategically placed stretch ballistic nylon for comfort
  • External back and shoulder protection with alloy inserts
  • 1.2-1.4mm premium grade leather shoulders and arms

The jacket comes with removable Field Armor that protects your shoulders elbows and back. These CE approved componets are carefully sculpted to fit your body and are held in place by specially sized pockets hold the armor fit firmly against your body for maximum comfort and increased protection. The jacket can also be integrated with the optional Icon Stryker Speedfreak Back Protector.

Icon Motorcycle Jackets ArmoIcon Motorcycle Jackets AmorIcon Motorcycle Jackets Amor

Below are some of the other Icon Motorcycle Jackets that I like. If you are one of those riders that heat up and need lots of ventilation when riding check out the Icon Accelerant Perforated Leather Jacket. This jacket is made with thousands of tiny holes throughout which lets the jacket breath. There are also zipped shoulder vent that are designed to let air flow down your back inside the jacket. Very cool!

View: Icon Accelerant GSX-R Leather Jacket
Icon Accelerant GSX-R Leather Jacket
View: Icon Accelerant Leather Jacket
Icon Accelerant Leather Jacket
View: Icon Accelerant Perforated Leather Jacket
Icon Accelerant Perforated Leather Jacket
View: Icon Automag Suzuki Leather Jacket
Icon Automag Suzuki Leather Jacket

I will leave you with a quote form "Some will tell you that you can never know your true limits until you exceed them. A simple mathematical equation that balances at the threshold. Until such point where desire exceeds skill and ambition outweighs ability. The sum of this equation is the negative integer we refer to as pain. No jacket will completely prevent the pain from an imbalanced equation, but an Icon Motorcycle Jacket can help put the balance back towards your favor".