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Is plagiarism good at University?

Date Added: November 16, 2015 02:50:04 AM
Plagiarism is presenting somebody’s thoughts and ideas as your own. You are doing it without their consent or agreement. Incorporating these thoughts into your work with full acknowledgement is some kind of theft. One can consider under this definition all the published, unpublished, in manuscript, electronic or printed form material. Your plagiarism can be reckless or even intentional. According to the regulations for examinations both reckless and intentional plagiarism is considered to be a disciplinary offense.

Many use plagiarism because it may help with essay writing for university . Plagiarism means not only the usage of someone else’s text, it also applies to various media: computer code, graphs, and illustrations. In order to avoid any of plagiarism during your education, you should learn how to write academic works in a right way from the very beginning of your university. It is not paraphrasing the words of others in a perfect way, no - it is making your work as wonderful as it can only be.There are many different forms of plagiarism. There are distinguished verbatim, pasting and cutting from the internet without any acknowledgement, collusion, paraphrasing, inaccurate citation, and auto-plagiarism.

There are many different reasons why a student should avoid plagiarism. When you enter the university, you must learn to be a personality with your own point of view. You should learn how to reproduce your own decisions and opinions. It is really very difficult to develop and sometimes quite boring to develop your personal opinions, that’s why many students start using plagiarism in the essays and other academic writings.

Of course, you may use the writings of others paraphrasing them, but it’s significant to learn things by yourself. You are not expected to become a wonderful writer or critic, but its’ essential to think using your own brain and become an independent thinker and writer. You should pay attention to the opinions of others, weigh them, learn and draw your personal and peculiar conclusions.Try to understand that you are writing high-quality work and using plagiarism will not make it so. When you grasp all the principles of academic writing, limit yourself from plagiarism and start making it a habit to think, no matter how difficult it may seem sometimes. You should develop these practical skills of writing, which will help you a lot after graduation.

Many universities consider plagiarism during exams as a serious violation. Such a case is going to be investigated and the penalties are expected. The penalties can be different: from marks deduction to even expulsion from the university. If plagiarism is suspected it would be investigated according to all the disciplinary regulations concerning examination conduct. If plagiarism is reckless it means that you understood or might be expected to have acknowledged that your work can violate the rules. Using plagiarism can result in loss of your degree. The severest penalty is expulsion.

Many universities have their own requirements concerning the quality of students’ academic writings. All these works should be in compliance with those criteria. These can include the level of independent opinion and the provision of all the clear references to all the used sources. It is understandable why plagiarism is not acceptable. A plagiarized work can’t meet all of the above mentioned requirements. Sometimes it is quite odd and ironic that many students do a lot of things to hide the plagiarism, instead of writing their own opinion. If you are doing so, you are under a great risk of facing any type of a penalty.

It is also believed that level of plagiarism in the group strongly depends on the professor, his approach and treatment toward the students. When the instructor is respected, the plagiarism is not observed. But when it happens, it is not only a bad experience for you, but for the whole university, department and faculty. No matter how good your plagiarism is hidden, you will not be able to hide your emotions, while handing in your academic writing. Those instructors, who have quite a good experience in this, can define if this work is original or not. Be sure that you will not avoid punishment.