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Murano Glass - Italy

Date Added: June 18, 2010 03:27:09 PM
     Hi friends, here to introduce our new trade web service site. Our long experience and knowledge of art glass has led us to expand the sales network worldwide.Since 1961 through our stores in Italy provide artistic Murano masterpiece. They have always been sought and appreciated by connoisseurs and art lovers.

     With the evolution of technology trade has also found new ways to give opportunities to people everywhere to share the pleasure of decorating their rooms with precious Murano glass lighting elements. After the successes with sales in Italy through our Murano Glass site we decided to also bring in the American market a selection of glass or crystal chandeliers, products from the best factories of Murano.

     Through our new website we are able to select and purchase the best Venetian lighting productst at the most competitively price.We offer a wide range of chandeliers with new forms and colors, milky white black red and violet, in addition to classic colors transparent amber and goldWe give full assurance about the originality and quality of our products more to give guarantees about the transport and unlimited suppor about replacements and spare parts.Every unit is a masterpiece and is completely hand made by expert glass masters of Murano.

     There are no manuals to learn how to become a master glassmaker. Only people who come from the history and culture of this unique island can be part of this unique world of artists.They are blowing and shaping glass with the ancient art of their ancestors and passed their art and secrets to their trainees by example and work.

     People will have the opportunity to visit the island of Murano and see glass working will have en experience unique in his life.The others may have a small part of Murano choosing one of our wonderful products.Thank you for your attention. Massimo