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People Address Search: What Can You Learn?

Date Added: May 14, 2013 10:30:35 PM

People Address Search: What Can You Learn?

An address search is often required for a variety of reasons: perhaps you’re interested in learning more about the identity of the owner of a property, or want to learn more about a tax sale property. A people address search will return public property records information that can help to answer these questions and more.

Most of the time, an address search is simply conducted by inputting the address of the property you’re interested in. Public records are then returned, providing information such as the owner’s age and full name, and possibly their phone number and email address. Most county government offices provide a property search function for local real estate where this can be done.

The treasurer will be able to offer property tax information such as tax amount and due date, as well as whether any taxes have gone unpaid. If these taxes are very delinquent, the property may have a tax lien attached to it and/or be slated for auction at a local tax sale. The assessor’s office can also provide an approximate value of the home to interested parties.

You may also need to find someone by conducting a people address search. Online directories will frequently be able to provide the address and even phone number of the person living there. Public search engines will scan address records nationwide to help narrow the field of possible addresses listed for a person. In order to confirm the correct records, additional information about the person such as age may be offered to help.

These property records can also provide clues so that you can search other public documents such as marriage and divorce records. If you know someone’s maiden name, for example, and aren’t sure if they have married or not, a nationwide marriage records search may be necessary to find her. Of course the opposite may also be true, meaning that the person’s name has changed due to a divorce.

Other records connected to an address can include court and criminal records. If a person has been arrested, their address is one of the things recorded during their intake process at the local jail. Mug shots and physical descriptions can help confirm you’re looking at records regarding the person you’re interested in.

Court records are also often available online, and an address search could lead you to civil or criminal proceeding information. The type of case, where it was heard, charges filed, pleas entered, identities of parties involved, case number and disposition can all be accessed with a name. The parties’ addresses and birthdates are also frequently included in case record information, making your address search less direct but just as effective in the end.