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Peyronie’s disease

Date Added: October 20, 2007 01:14:02 AM

This article will present Alternative Medicine methods for Peyronie’s disease treatment, as well as discuss various aspects of standard medical care, recognizing there is controversy in regard to them all. You will come to understand the philosophy and theory behind the Peyronie’s Disease Institute (PDI) method of Peyronie’s disease treatment.


Peyronie's disease treatment unlike any other on the Internet
PDI recommends the active, aggressive, synergistic use of multiple conservative measures to treat PD in both its acute and chronic stages. The purpose of this intense therapeutic approach is to increase, to support, to enhance, the maximum healing potential of the body against the presence of the foreign PD scar tissue. PDI philosophy recommends supporting the healthy function of local tissue in both specific and general ways so the body is given the best possible opportunity to repair and regenerate – to the best of its ability. Applying common sense and generally available knowledge about health and healing improves your chance to come out as a winner.

Basic idea behind the PDI approach
PDI’s theory is simply that medicine could be approaching the problem of PD from the wrong direction. We believe it is better to direct Peyronie’s disease treatment to the man who has the scar, than it is to focus solely on the scar like it is a foreign invader. The scar is essentially the same in each case of PD, with little variation, compared to the extreme variation of unique chemistry and physiology of each individual man. If we focus to the man, and not exclusively to the scar, we are then more likely to address the crux of the real problem of PD. If that sounds too simple, too obvious, so be it. We believe that with this small but fundamental shift in thinking, successful treatment becomes possible.

Our growing records and statistics indicate that we get better results with our treatment that is directed to improvement or promotion of that general quality called “health”. What each man needs in order to improve his health is different from man to man. Therefore, our idea for helping a man with PD is to try to customize his treatment plan to his needs as an individual, rather than just treating a scar.

Perhaps it would be helpful for the reader to consider a most important and helpful book that was written by the founder of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute, Dr. T. R. Herazy. This book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” offers an added dimension of Peyronie’s disease treatment. It shows when a man is well informed about this problem, he can help himself every day, in large and small ways to recover faster and better from PD – once he knows how. This very helpful book, written by a doctor who cured his own severe case of PD and shares many interesting techniques and ideas with the reader.

PDI treatment philosophy
First, PDI recommends using only the highest quality and mainstream nutritional substances and products (vitamin E, copper, DMSO, enzymes, etc.), and procedures (exercise, massage and acupuncture), but they have not fulfilled the rigorous testing standards typically required of drugs. Second, PDI holds to the theory that taking multiple therapies, all at the same time, as described in this website may possibly result in some degree of improved ability to heal and repair due to a scientific phenomenon known as "synergy". Both of these ideas are not currently accepted by orthodox medicine.

All products and therapies in the PDI arsenal are well known and generally accepted as important, and often essential, for health and well being. What is different is that we advocate they are used in significant number and at the same time, for maximum potential healing and repair benefit. The PDI approach to treat PD uses synergy, a concept that is very well known in medical practice. Synergy is the tendency for two or more substances working together to produce a total effect that is greater than the individual substances each could produce individually. You have seen many examples of synergy in your life when a small group of people or things were brought together and accomplished so much more than each could have done separately. Because of synergy the results seemed to be multiplied, not simply added.

This philosophy for Peyronie’s disease treatment is based on simple observations that must arise when you really think about PD:

  • Why do some men completely recover from PD without treatment?
  • Why do some men get worse and need surgery, no matter what treatment they try?
  • If the PD scar is a scar like I have on other parts of my body, why does it seem to change so much – not only size, shape, and density, but also location?
  • If it’s the same disease, why does PD have such a wide variation of findings and outcomes among different men?
  • What’s the difference between the two groups of men whose PD behaves so differently?
  • Best question: How can I join the group that heals their PD scar with no problems?

Good questions! While no one has concrete answers, we think it just makes sense that the man whose PD gets well on its own has a better healing capacity and better health in some important way, than the other men whose PD never gets better. We think it is not just a matter of luck. The PDI philosophy of care suggests you push to increase your healing capacity and get healthier in that yet undetermined way so your body can heal to the best of its ability. The fact that some men do better than others likely means there is variable − not static − capacity for healing and improvement for all men. Applying common sense and generally available knowledge about health and healing provides the PDI foundation for a Peyronie’s disease treatment plan to improve your chances to survive PD as a winner.

Good response to PDI treatment concepts
While the PDI theories for aggressive and multiple Peyronie’s disease treatment are not yet proven to medical standards, the results are impressive. Since all of the work done to assist men with their PD problem is all voluntary and is conducted without any way to control the details of treatment, it is not possible to present meaningful research-level statistics. However, it is easy to report that as a result of the Peyronie’s disease treatment over the last three years, the email and phone reports of positive healing reactions (reduced pain, reduced curvature, reduced or absent PD scars) are six to seven times greater than those men who report no change after using their self-directed Peyronie’s disease treatment plans.

General commentary about what happens after following a suggested therapy plan can be found on the testimonial page of the PDI website.

Traditional medicine, with no drug treatment for PD, offers surgery as the only cure.
PDI is not against surgery in cases that have been non-responsive to prolonged aggressive use of multiple conservative care. However, too many men rush into surgery believing that is an easy and sure solution to a big problem. Each surgical candidate should remember these three things:
1. Surgery will not restore the penis to its original length.
2. After surgery hardened scar usually shortens the penis, often by 1-2 inches, a side-effect that no man views casually.
3. There is no guarantee that additional scarring might occur at the site of surgery.

Yet, there are many non-drug options from a large body of medical research that documents positive, but inconclusive and sometimes variable, reports of success. Changes made in the body by alternative and complimentary therapies tend to be subtle and slow, since their purpose is only to support or encourage a normal process of nature that is reduced or absent. Changes made in the body by drugs or surgery are aggressive, since their purpose is to force or create a change based on the intent of the physician. Our treatment theory is that the potential benefits of these subtle natural therapies are enhanced and multiplied by simply using several alternative therapies at the same time – known to science as synergy. It is easy to understand – at least for most laypeople – that a single natural therapy will not work as well as aggressive multiple therapies; like “ganging up" on the problem. One child cannot lift a grown man; five or six children can do it with ease. It is our opinion that it is safe and reasonable to attempt to improve the eventual outcome of PD by faithfully and aggressively using several conservative treatments that are based on sound science and common sense. We strongly suggest that the man with PD works with what is known and what is available – even if it is not perfect – rather than passively behaving like a PD victim.

Peyronie’s disease treatment that makes sense
PDI philosophy about Peyronie’s disease treatment comes down to this: It is better to do something, than nothing in the case of an early -- or even late -- stage Peyronie's disease. Yes, it is better to do all you can for your PD, as soon as you can, using as many of the safe and scientifically grounded options that are known to have some success in helping the PD scar heal. If after following an aggressive alternative medical program there is less than complete repair and healing, as can happen, then surgery can still be used.

We leave it up to the website visitor to read, investigate, and make an informed decision about how he wants to proceed with his PD. We strongly suggest you look over all the material and information we have on this website. After learning all that you can, compare our ideas to other reference areas on the Internet. Come to your own conclusions about what, if anything, you would like to do for your PD that you are not now doing. When you have an idea of what you would like to do to help yourself further, talk to your own doctor about it and get his/her advice. Listen carefully to what you are told. Then make up your own mind about the care you will undergo.

We are constantly told our unique and powerful Peyronie’s disease treatment to promote and enhance better tissue healing makes sense. You will find that it feels good to take charge of a situation where you previously felt a loss of control. Consider applying the power of synergy using safe and economical therapies for your problem. Get busy with your own Peyronie’s disease treatment plan so you won’t feel or act defeated by PD any longer.