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Photo Picture Gifts

Date Added: January 24, 2012 03:46:46 PM

Have you noticed how the technology that’s supposed to bring us together seems to actually make life more impersonal? As communications get faster, easier and more affordable we do more texting than talking or visiting with each other.

Although communication is so much easier these days, we’ve lost the personal touch. Face to face contact isn’t necessary at all, it seems. Remote grocery shopping, online banking, instant ebook downloads and internet dating all mean that even as technology makes it easier to communicate, it effectively isolates us from each other.

We’ve become a push-button society, and the gift market reflects this, with so much mass produced, throw-away merchandise that it’s almost impossible to find something lasting and unique.

One unique thing that we do all have, however, are photographs. And photo picture gifts can help draw us back together, bridging the gaps that technology has created between us.

Many families now live fractured lives, with homes many miles apart from each other. Even the ones who live as neighbors don’t get to see each other as often as they’d like because of the speed and pressure of modern society.

Of course, technology isn’t all bad. There are always two sides to every issue and the good side of modern technology is the way it also gives us the means to combat the bad side. Camera technology makes complex pieces of equipment relatively simple to use, and even the most basic of cameras take a decent picture.

Photos make distant loved ones feel close by since the snapshot is an abiding reminder of a happy moment. They give a little lift when we’re feeling down and can replace feelings of loneliness with a warm sense of belonging. A smile cuts through the busy noise of technology and takes us back to that quiet, still place of remembrance.

Thanks to technology, we also have the ability to turn our photos into beautiful photo picture gifts. We no longer need to search amongst the mass-produced in a fruitless effort to find a perfect present for a loved one.

The technology that disconnected us all in the first place now also gives us a way to reconnect on a more personal level.