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Poplar Bark Siding - Which Look is for You?

Date Added: April 21, 2010 04:56:08 PM
When poplar bark shingles are installed on the interior or exterior of a structure, there are two styles of installation commonly used - an even look or a staggered look. Both styles have their merits, and they each appeal to different individuals and design applications. Depending on your personal preference, the shape and size of the structure you will be cladding in bark, your project budget, and a variety of other factors will help you determine which bark shingle 'look' is for you.

The most common of the two is the even row style. A clean-cut, balanced, and straight row of bark shingles creates an elegant design, quite often utilized on higher end homes. This classic look is easily achieved by simply lining the bark cladding up to a chalk line. For example, if you were planning to build or remodel a house that incorporated rock work, a combination of traditional siding and bark siding, then the even row would be a good fit for you. Another unique and elegant look for the home exterior is full bark coverage - which would also be complimented by even rows of bark shingles.

The staggered look creates an entirely different feel. Staggered poplar bark siding gives the structure a more rustic and antiquated look. Hanging the bark shingles this way requires a lot less labor, and the ease of installation is much higher than with the more pain-staking even look. The staggered look often appears on cabins, rustic structures, and even in simple applications such as cladding a gable. Staggered bark siding can be accomplished by shifting the bark shingles above and below the center chalk line. This can also be done by eye, or some people like to create a center line with a maximum and minimum stagger line.

Regardless of which you style you prefer, bark shingles will create a beautiful, resilient, and eco-friendly addition to your structure. To learn more about poplar bark siding, visit