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Possible New FDA Approved Diet Medications

Date Added: March 31, 2010 06:41:31 PM
            There may soon be some new weapons in the battle of the bulge as pharmaceutical companies look for solutions to an ever increasing obesity problem. Some critics are calling foul saying that being overweight is nothing more than poor diet and lack of exercise while many who are greatly overweight are looking forward to any possible help in this area. The medications in question are soon to be reviewed by the FDA and they are called Qnexa, Contrave and Lorcaserin. These newly formed drugs have been studied now for years with their impact on obesity and while they are still not available to the public, many who where in the clinical tests attest to their workings.
            It is no surprise in our nation and others that obesity is growing out of control. As a result pharmaceutical companies are realizing that not only is there money to be made in this area, but the need to develop something to help these people out is of great importance considering all the weight related health issues that can result. This has resulted in various tests with medications to determine their effectiveness on obesity.
            There are two ways to view this issue however. Some say that this is a ridiculous to create a drug for someone who merely is not living a healthy lifestyle. But to those who are obese, help could not come any sooner. Those who struggle with their weight say that there are people who are living a healthy lifestyle and eating right but just can’t seem to eliminate excess body fat. And many doctors agree that due to genetic and other chemicals in the brain, that some people just can’t seemingly lose the fat that they need to in order to lessen weight related diseases and medication can help.
            While there are a few diet medications already on the market, the option for other prescriptions that could work better sounds pretty good. There are three that could hit the market within the next year and these three are Qnexa, Contrave and Lorcaserin. The first two are actually a combination of two drugs already in use for other ailments but have a unique combination that is proving effective in weight loss. The other, Lorcaserin is actually a new compound entirely. Each new drug has had a different result in the testing phases along with varying degrees of side effects.
            Whatever the FDA has in store after reviewing these products is still to be determined, but realize that each will almost certainly be obtainable by a doctor’s prescription. This is due to safety concerns and to ensure that only those who truly require a product such as this have it. If all goes smoothly, these products could be approved sometime in 2010, but would require a little longer before being put in pharmacies.