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Prescription Obesity Fighting Medications

Date Added: December 30, 2010 09:40:03 PM
            On tap is a new medication in experimental phases called Qnexa that is making people to lose big amounts of weight. It came about by scientists combining two other medications currently in the pharmacy for different sicknesses. These are the medications Phentermine and Topiramate, and when combined they produce some amazing weight loss unlike any other medication out there. Phentermine is actually one of the few prescriptions drugs that is currently being used to fight obesity while Topiramate is actually used for epilepsy. Qnexa is the result when they are mixed together in specific amounts and release formulations.
            Studies have shown that test patients on Qnexa have been able to lose upwards of 10% over a 28 week period and upwards of 15% in a 56 week period. This is significantly superior than what people are able to lose being just on Phentermine. Testing has also shown that the side effects ranging from headache, sensations of tingling, dry mouth and some other mild to moderate effects where generally tolerable among its patients. What also is advantageous for this drug is that it is showing good gains in helping people who suffer from sleep apnea and who have high blood pressure.
            Late last year 2009 Qnexa was submitted to the FDA as an anti-obesity medication for approval. Then in July of 2010 the FDA committee vote denied it claiming a lack of information/safety issues where not solved. Later in October 2010 the FDA discussion ultimately failed it but all is not lost. It could have been just bad timing on Vivus’s part as further safety issues where made known later. Since this time Qnexa has been submitted to the European Union with high hopes of approval there.
Although its maker believes it is ready for the public, it will be ultimately up to the FDA to decide its outcome in the future for use in the US. In recent years the Food and Drug administration has been known to come down hard on related drugs due to concerns over side effects. If it ends up being passed, no doubt will this be hailed as a big breakthrough in weight loss help but don’t be looking for it immediately from the doctor as it still could take several months before doctors would be able to prescribe it and get it from a pharmacy. On a side note, its competitor, Contrave has been given a passing vote by the FDA’s panel of advisory doctors. By the end of January 2011 everyone will find out if the FDA ultimately passes this medication or if the Contrave pill becomes just another failed mediation in a long list.