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Preventive Maintenance Management and CMMS Software

Date Added: June 04, 2010 06:33:12 AM


Take complete control of your maintenance operations using ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk CMMS Software.

ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk CMMS software will bring huge benefits to the maintenance department of your operation. Maintenance department need to be quick in resolving problems, An effective, affordable, powerful CMMS Software will allow you to better understand and utilize your time accordingly. Move your maintenance department from reactive to preventive mode using ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk.

Maintenance Management Software

Optimizing maintenance management can save your organization a considerable percentage of its maintenance contract charge. Breakdown of resources can take a toll in your revenue through loss in productivity. Costly downtimes can be reduced if a proper preventive maintenance management software is in place.

FacilitiesDesk CMMS Software edition is designed and developed having in mind the importance of optimizing your maintenance efficiency. FacilitiesDesk CMMS Software give you a powerful control centre for your whole maintenance operation, incorporating extensive features with system simplicity. With FacilitiesDesk CMMS Software you have the flexibility to implement functionality you require from it. Whether your maintenance operation services tens or thousands of resources, FacilitiesDesk CMMS Software gives you the power to take control using both MySQL and MSSQL databases.

FacilitiesDesk CMMS Software user-friendly web-interface lets you navigate swiftly to any part of your system, record and analyze key activities and print realistic, relevant reports and graphs. Whether your requirement is detailed information on every aspect of your maintenance operation or simply an overview of department efficiency, with FacilitiesDesk's knowledgebase you control your maintenance knowledge.

FacilitiesDesk's maintenance management feature helps you to manage preventive maintenance (Proactive maintenance or schedule maintenance) and breakdown maintenance (Reactive maintenance) in a systematic way so that you will not end up wasting your human resources and machine runtimes.

FacilitiesDesk CMMS Software dashboards keep everyone in your company informed about the maintenance management process and scheduled maintenance, which will help even your production teams to plan their work accordingly.

Preventive Maintenance Management Features

  • Plan for your schedule maintenance ahead of time, so that it does not affect the productivity of the company
  • Notify the company about the maintenance schedules
  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance tasks daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or based on meter readings.
  • For planning monthly preventive maintenance of your assets go one level further and set "date" and "specific day" (Second saturday, last sunday) criteria Choose the start date and end date for all planned maintenance of your assets
  • Include general and safety notes with every task
  • Assign equipment service tasks to appropriate craft personnel