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SQL Web Hosting

Date Added: December 06, 2010 03:22:11 PM
SQL web hosting is a type of hosting service that provides the webmaster with access to SQL server hosting technology. SQL (Structured Query Language) technology is one of the most, if not the single most popular database language used on the internet today. In the backend of the hosting plan, the webmaster can view, organize and control all data collected via SQL within their MySQL databases in the control panel. SQL hosting helps the webmaster by providing support in relation to SQL and MySQL databases. In most cases, an SQL hosting plan is also a dedicated hosting plan, which means you'll have access to a web server that is not being shared by dozens or even hundreds of other webmasters. The following information outlines the main features and attributes of SQL hosting.

Server Resources

SQL hosting gives you access to server resources that are needed to operate dozens of web sites seamlessly. This ensure that your SQL databases always operate optimally and your site is always up and running. The amount of bandwidth, disk space and other hosting features that are included with an SQL hosting plan differ depending on several factors including the size of the plan and the hosting provider. A dedicated SQL hosting plan is preferable because it usually includes two IP addresses (with the option to buy more if needed), and the option to install your own operating system and proprietary software. By choosing a comprehensive SQL hosting plan instead of a basic shared plan, you're ensuring the continuity and performance of your web sites.

Support and Service

SQL web hosting provides support that is specialized for webmasters that need to get the most out of SQL technology. If you're new to building, organizing and implementing MySQL databases, and you're going to be working extensively on a project that involves MySQL databases, then you will need adequate MySQL hosting support from your web hosting provider. A lot of CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress utilize MySQL databases to store information that is retrieved on your web site. For example, if a visitor logs into your site to post a comment on your blog, the information they type in the form fields will be automatically stored by the CMS for quite a while in a MySQL database. Finding and compiling this information to be used for analysis and building email lists is simple with SQL technology, however if you are a novice you may need support to accomplish this.

Reliability and eCommerce

SQL is perhaps the most reliable database technology available, so if you’re running an eCommerce site you may need this technology to accurately store information about your customers and site visitors. Nearly every eCommerce site on the internet utilizes SQL databases to store shipping, purchase and financial information about their customers. It is important to make sure your plan includes an SSL security certificate if you are going to be using SQL databases to store eCommerce-related data.

Although SQL is a useful query language, it could be easily abused by hackers if you do not choose a secure hosting provider. Thus, it is imperative to make sure your SQL hosting plan includes all of the necessary security precautions, including state-of-the-art encryption technology.