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Selecting The Investment Fund Which Match Your Needs

Date Added: April 16, 2012 02:00:32 PM

Some thoughts to consider before choosing a specific investment fund The choice of an investment fund is far from being the result of chance; it's not a decision to be taken lightly. Choosing an investment fund requires careful thought and planning followed by a methodical process. First, one must determine the investor profile best suited to one’s expectations, which may be conservative, neutral, defensive, aggressive or dynamic. Then one must decide how to manage the investment fund - either the initiator chooses the investment strategy to be adopted themselves or seeks the services of an expert. The choice of an investment fund depends on several criteria generally consisting of clearly defining the investor's needs.

It is important to establish an investment horizon, have clearly defined objectives and to recognise one's capacity for tolerance and control of risk. In this business, the goal is to achieve an attractive return, so one must look to diversify the portfolio and at the same time try to use the full range of different asset types. Choosing an investment fund and an asset class which is suited to one's investment profile is fundamental to creating an efficient portfolio.

There is a wide range of assets and investment funds available on the market: equity funds, bond funds or alternative funds (hedge funds). Choosing to take charge of one’s own investment funds requires specific skills and a thorough working knowledge of financial concepts is essential. It is important to follow the news from the world of finance and the stock markets. A sense of initiative and cast-iron self-control are also key factors. Managing and developing an investment fund is an enormous task requiring a massive personal investment and a lot of time.