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Simple Muscle Building Workouts at Your Home

Date Added: August 25, 2010 04:35:27 AM
Most working people rarely get time to visit a gym to do exercises that build their bodies. This has caused so many of them to become overweight and suffer from fat related ailments, but not having time should not be used as an excuse to neglect the gym totally. If you really don’t want to compromise your health, you can create your own muscle building gym at home and come up with your own workout plan that you can simply follow without having to spend too much time going to a local gym.

Your muscle building workout plan must have both strength training and aerobic activities. You don’t need a gym full of equipment to achieve this. Just take advantage of basic stuff like a rope, a pair of dumbbells and a mat.

Start working out with aerobic exercises - like jogging at home or from one point of the street to the other several times. You can use a treadmill or stationary bike if you have one to do this as part of your plan.

Create a rope routine and jump several times each time you are exercising, as this is a good way of doing cardiovascular exercises. Look for more creative ways of doing this routine to get different body effects.

Push-ups are also another simple way of performing muscle building exercises. Just place your body facing down and ensure that you lift the body on both feet and palms while keeping your body straight. Take your chest towards the floor as you exhale and push it up with arm and muscles of the chest as you inhale.

If doing it on the floor, and is hard for you, you can do them while standing. Put your hands on the wall and then push yourself back and do this several times. You can increase the number with time as you get used to it. This kind of exercise is good for your chest and hands.

Another good muscle building exercise you can do at home is the bicep curl. This can be done while standing or sitting on a chair. Have a pair of dumbbells in your hands and hold them in each hand, the try lifting them alternatively but do not bend your elbows. Do this several times and increase the weights as you get used to the exercise. This is especially meant to increase the size of your arm.

You can also try doing squats by simply standing with legs at shoulder width apart and have your feet pointed forward. Sit and stand up with your legs unlocked. You should not move forward too much and the neck should be in line with your spine. Do it to the comfort of your level. This particular exercise is good for the fitness of the legs and it is a miracle worker on your hips, thighs and buttocks.

To make the above workout plans effective, you should divide them into different days; never try them all at once. A perfect home gym needs a lot of perseverance. Do them without putting too much pressure on yourself and you can work out a particular time of exercising.

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