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Snore Zip vs My Snoring Solution,Two Very Different Ways to Store

Date Added: June 18, 2010 01:37:35 AM

Snoring can be a big problem, not only for the one doing the snoring but anyone else in the bedroom. Having a loved one sleep night after night with a pillow over their head, or in another room, can cause more than snoring problems over time.

SnoreZip and My Snoring Solution have received favorable reviews, while approaching the problem from very different ways. Snore Zip is a homeopathic spray that you use orally, while My Snoring Solution is a snug lightweight band that fits under the chin and is then fastened at the crown of the head.

The SnoreZip approach to ending the problem is simple. You just take the spray orally. SnoreZip has a pleasant mint taste like toothpaste, so there is no nasty aftertaste. If you are looking for a quick fix you must be warned that it takes at least a couple of days before it begins to work. Snore Zip is made up of all natural ingredients that help break up the mucus in the upper throat allowing easier breathing, thus preventing snoring.

My Snoring Solution takes a more physical approach to the problem. While it may sound uncomfortable to have the lightweight band around your chin and attached to the crown of your head, My Snoring Solution is designed to re-train the mouth and jaw to eliminate the problem completely over time. People who have used this product claim that it helps prevent snoring on the first night. The band is covered with a soft fabric which makes the product much more comfortable. While it may take time to adjust to My Snoring Solution fitting snugly around the head it also claims that, unlike other preventions, it helps the user get a good night's sleep without waking.

There are a number of websites that claim that there is both a My Snoring Solution Scam and a SnoreZip Scam currently online. I have investigated each and every claim regarding both of these products, and each is without merit. Each company is highly reputable, and each has thousands of happy customers.

So, which product is for you? This is a question that you need to ask yourself. Both products work in different ways. With SnoreZip you take a natural preventative, while My Snorng Solution re-trains the mouth and jaw to work in a way that eventually stops the snoring on a permanent basis. Another aspect to look at is what you expect to get for the cost of the product. SnoreZip is generally half the price of My Snoring Solution, however there are refills involved. The bottom line is comfort over price and the longevity of the benefits. Ultimately they both produce satisfying effects.