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Some information about CNC machine

Date Added: May 16, 2014 01:27:00 PM
CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, and the process of using a computerized CNC machine to perform repetitive tasks, especially in manufacturing, began in the 1970s. Today, CNC machines are involved in almost every facet of the manufacturing industry. Most people who work in manufacturing have worked with, or are familiar with CNC machines, and may even be responsible for programming, and for cnc shopping for machines and their parts.

CNC Mills

It is common for a CNC machineto be used in the milling industry to cut materials. The machines translate codes that consist of letters and some numbers, known as G-code. The programming language instructs a spindle to move to various locations and depths to accomplishing milling tasks. Some manufacturers also use proprietary languages that are simpler than G-code to program their machines.

CNC Lathes

Lathes are special machines that are used to cut spinning pieces of metals, and CNC lathes have many components. Skilled professionals must do cnc shopping for the many different parts that are needed to keep the lathes operational. CNC lathes make very fast, precision cuts using special drills and tools. These cuts are usually complicated and very difficult to make using manual lathes.

CNC Plasma Cutters

Another common CNC machine is a plasma cutter, which is used to cut steel and other metals. The process involves an inert gas, such as compressed air, being blown at a high rate of speed from a nozzle. Simultaneously, an electrical arc that is formed through the gas works to create the plasma that is capable of cutting the steel or metal. The plasma is extremely hot. Consequently, it is vital that those doing cnc shopping for parts keep the machine operating safely at all times.

CNC Electric Discharge Machining

A special manufacturing process, CNC electric discharge machining is used to form a specific shape using electrical discharges. Material is actually removed from a workpiece through the use of a series of rapid, recurring current discharges between 2 electrodes. The complicated process, which involves dangerous electric voltage, requires safety precautions, but is made safer through the use of a CNC machine.

Other CNC Cutting Machines

Professionals engaged in cnc shopping for cutting machines have a variety of options from which to choose. CNC wire cutting machines essentially make cuts using spark erosion and a traveling wire. CNC water jet cutting propels water at such a high velocity and pressure that it can slice through metal, granite and other extremely hard materials. Other CNC cutting machines can be used for tasks like embroidery and 3D printing.

The CNC machine is used in most areas of manufacturing, which means that there are jobs for skilled professionals to operate the machines and do cnc shopping for parts and accessories. In many areas of the manufacturing industry, there is a shortage of operators who know how to program, control and maintain CNC machines. Individuals who are interested in CNC processes can find plenty of work at good wages, and can embark on a long and rewarding career.

A CNC machine can replace manual manipulation of tools in a variety of ways, including milling and functions that use lathes. It can also replace manual cutting processes, such as plasma and water jet cutting. Along with learning to program and operate the machines, workers must know how to program them and do cnc shopping for parts.