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The Halter Neck Dress - Are You Daring Enough To Wear One?

Date Added: September 16, 2009 07:31:20 PM
      If you’re looking for a dress with pizzazz, look no further than the ultra-trendy halter dress! Spring 2010 also sees a return to knee-length hemlines, pastel colors and hot magenta pinks. This season, the fashion designers have been exceedingly kind to those of us completely bored with the gloomy blacks and browns of Winter 2009. The new bright, refreshing colors will pave the way for an exhilarating summer fashion season.

       If you’ve been a little over-indulgent at mealtimes during the long winter nights, you might be wondering if you can pull off a halter neck dress without starving yourself for months beforehand. The good news here is that all halter dresses were not created equal. Here are some great pointers to consider before you let it all hang out!

       Are you tall and lean? – If you have been blessed with a willowy figure, the halter dress will not give you any major problems. Clingy or silky halter dresses make fantastic formalwear, especially if you have a skin tone conducive to hot magenta pink. For everyday wear, consider a patterned halter dress. Some designers are making the trek back to stripes while others are favoring animal prints.

       Are you petite? – Finding a stunning knee length halter dress if you’re on the shorter side can be a complete nightmare. Be sure to take the challenge; you will be overjoyed when you find the perfect model. Belted waists are returning to the catwalks this season, so if you opt for a paler dress color, choose a brightly colored belt. Your look will be fresh, chic, and oh so unique.

       How about formal wear? – Halter dresses are very sexy, totally trendy, and fabulously feminine. If you’re looking to show off a naughty amount of cleavage, (or just trying to deflect attention from your midsection), opt for a plunging neckline. Belted waists also camouflage belly rolls nicely, particularly if you can find a mixed-color or patterned halter.
What material should you choose? – Stretchy materials can work in your favor, but the designers and fashionistas are favoring satin and silk for Spring 2010. Satin and silk look sleek, elegant, and can really liven up pastel colors if you are afraid of looking “washed out.” Halter dresses are so incredibly versatile that they suit any fabric, but steer clear of cotton prints or anything else you think might be better suited to your grandmother’s closet!

       What’s new with hair and accessories? – Though a halter dress will almost certainly look great whatever “do” you care to sport, the catwalk queens are favoring sleek up-dos, big jewelry and funky footwear. Choose necklaces carefully if you go for the plunge neckline, as too much metal wear makes your chest region look overburdened and crowded. Instead, choose dangling earrings, a matching bracelet, and a mushroom colored leather jacket for the cooler days.
Spring 2010 marks an exciting change in direction for the fashion world. The mini and the maxi are moving aside to make room for the fabulous fifties-style knee-length halter dresses, and we are finally getting our pretty colors back!

This article was submitted by Jen Carter. For more fashion & style tips, visit Dresses 2U. Find more tips on choosing & buying halter neck evening dress styles to flatter your body shape.