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The Importance of Having a Family Care Doctor

Date Added: September 11, 2013 04:56:12 PM
Primary care doctors treat minor illnesses like flu or cold, but also help their patients with chronic conditions. They can answer questions and will refer you to the right specialist, if you need one. They also write and renew prescriptions.You should find a primary care physician before you need them. On your first visit, these doctors ask their patients about their health history and about medications that they are taking and if they are having any new symptoms.

Patients should prepare for their first visit by making a list of all major illnesses that they have had or conditions that they are still experiencing. They should also list all medications that they are taking, as well as questions that they might have about health problems and symptoms. They should also bring along any recent test results, for example if they recently went to an urgent care facility, and the results of routine screenings, such as mammograms.The Novi Internal Medicine website has an excellent FAQ section on finding a family care doctor and how to prepare for the first vist.

The primary care doctor might order tests to investigate the symptoms. A blood test is routinely ordered to check cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The test results will be available a few days later and the physician or a nurse will call, if anything of concern has been noticed. If the physician comes to the conclusion that further evaluation or testing is necessary, they will refer the patient to the appropriate specialist. Almost all health insurances in the United States and many specialists require such a referral from a primary care physician.

A good primary care doctor will also give their patients advice on the prevention of diseases. For instance, weight problems often cause high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes. The doctor might encourage their patients to exercise more, quit smoking, abuse alcohol or eat healthier.