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Top 5 Halloween Party Costume Ideas

Date Added: September 07, 2009 02:12:57 PM
       There are so many Halloween costumes available to buy it can get very confusing trying to pick the idea that works best for you. Will it look good? Is the outfit scary enough? You really want to avoid all this worry - after all, Halloween fancy dress costumes is supposed to be about having fun in the best costume you can find. So check out our list of 5 Halloween fancy dress ideas that will quickly become party talking points, and make sure you have fun on October 31st!

       Skeleton Costume - Animated skeletons are very scary, and it's not really surprising. With this Skeleton costume, friends will be able to see through the rotten shredded clothes to the muscle and attached bones below. Includes sinister mask that gives your costume a taut leer and ensures everyone knows you're truly evil.

        Vampire Costume - The ultimate folklorish creature, the vampire has existed for generations as a fearless nightstalker who must consume human blood to survive. An original and popular outfit, the Vampire costume will turn you into Lord of the Vampires in no time, stronger, faster and deadlier than any bloodsucker that has come before.

        Witch Costume - The original female fancy dress outfit, a Witches costume is a great Halloween classic, combining several themes - sorcery, alchemy, broomsticks, magic - into one fantastic looking piece.

        Zombie Costume - If you can't decide whether to be dead or living, be both! Members of the undead make great Halloween creatures, and this Zombie costume will ensure you're King of the Graveyard.

       Freddy Krueger Costume - The epitome of sinister, terrifying psychopath, Freddy Krueger is a fearless dreamstalker who kills his victims in vicious ways while they sleep. Can you get more terrifying? Put on some timeless movie monster terror with the Freddy Krueger costume.

      These are some great outfits that'll make you look the bee's knees this Halloween, but you may want to check out a greater selection of Halloween costume ideas before you pick at!