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Visit Prague

Date Added: November 19, 2017 08:52:51 AM
Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and a wonderful city to visit for those interested in traveling to Europe. If you are thinking about where to stay in Prague, you are at the right place now. This location is filled with history as well as fun activities and impressive tourist attractions. A side benefit is the fact that it’s affordable for a family vacation or holiday for a single or couple. Get to know this fabulous city and all it has to offer before you plan your trip. Once part of the Iron Curtain, Prague and the Czech Republic have benefited from the boost of tourism since that time. However, the experiences and historical events of this area have created an intriguing region that captivates people from around the world. Whether you’re a European looking for a nearby destination for a holiday or a foreigner traveling from half a world away for vacation, Prague will welcome you with an unforgettable experience.

A Quick History of the City

Prague was founded during the Romanesque Period but saw its height of popularity during the following eras as the capital of Bohemia. It was the home of multiple Holy Roman Emperors and important during the Habsburg Monarchy. It was an integral part of historical periods, including the Protestant Reformation. Today, museums, galleries, and historical monuments pay homage to the vivid history of this city. It has been labeled as one of the best destinations in Europe for visitors and is the fifth most visited city on the continent. Prague is also a bustling economic location with a low cost of living making it appeal to businesses and individuals alike. It ranked among the three top cities in the region in The Economist for livability. Prague suffered less devastation to its architecture in World War II, allowing it to continue to provide wide appeal to tourists who were interested in its history. Visitors today can see evidence from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque Periods as well as Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic, Art Nouveau and many other architectural and historic designs. Visitors to the city will appreciate the affordability of this location for a holiday. There is something to fit every budget whether you are a poor college student looking for a summer getaway or a retired couple focused on luxury and sophistication. Spend your days touring historical attractions or shopping in the local gift shops while your nights can be filled with local food and beer along with river cruises and other entertainment. US News & World Report ranked Prague at #4 for the Best Affordable Vacations in Europe and #5 in the Best Affordable European Honeymoon Destinations. Numerous attractions, even some of those ranked at the top of the must-see list, are free. Hotels often cost a fraction of what you would spend in other European cities, making this city an affordable destination for a vacation.

Things to Do in Prague

When you visit Prague, you’ll want to experience everything this city has to offer. There are walking tours, special events and much more to occupy your days. Even though you can’t fit it all in on your visit, there are a few essentials you’ll want to ensure is part of your trip. Plan a full day of walking in the Prague City Walking Tour, which includes a river cruise and lunch. The six-hour city tour includes the Jewish Quarter, Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. You’ll get to try out traditional Czech food at a restaurant in Old Town. After lunch, you’ll go on a river cruise where you can enjoy a complimentary drink and views of Charles Bridge. The final stop is St. Vitus Cathedral. Another option that will provide unforgettable views and an unbelievable experience is the Prague Luxury Dinner Cruise. This is a three-hour cruise where you will enjoy a special three-course dinner and wine while listening to live music on the piano. Since only 48 guests are allowed on the cruise, the atmosphere is intimate and sophisticated. Spend time outdoors and get your exercise with the Prague City Bike Tour of New Town and Old Town. You’ll spend 2.5 hours on a guided tour of Prague where you will learn all about the history of the city as you view many spectacular sites along the way. They include Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square, and many others. This is just one of many bike tours available in Prague. You can also bike up to Karlstejn Castle or see other sites. Don’t forget to include the Prague Zoo in your stay. This place is second as the most visited location in all of the Czech Republic with over 4600 animals and 150 different exhibits. Elephant Valley is one of the prize destinations in the zoo while kids will enjoy the Children’s Zoo and the mini-train. Enjoy a unique view of the Czech Republic with a hike in the Bohemian Switzerland national park. You will be led by a team of locals who know the region well and can tell interesting stories. On your trip, you can take a dinghy ride or you might be brave enough for a walk along a mountain bridge where you can gaze into a deep canyon. One of the wonderful things about Prague is the fact that there’s something for everyone. If you’re not a historian or you like variety in your vacations, you’ll find all kinds of options. You might not think about the beach, but Prague offers diving experiences as well as stays at a beach resort and other outdoor activities.

Main Attractions

When visiting Prague, you’ll want to plan your schedule to include some of the top tourist attractions. While you can’t expect to see every historical site or architectural masterpiece, there are a few you don’t want to miss. Charles Bridge is one such attraction. This bridge is designed for pedestrians and connects Lesser Town to Old Town. You’ll enjoy the walk with painters and musicians to entertain you and vendors to provide all kinds of items. Stop and experience a spectacular view of the Vltava River. As you walk along, you’ll notice the decorative lamp posts and statues. Another must-see on your itinerary should be St. Vitus Cathedral, the largest church in the city. It is also the home of the crown jewels and burial site for several Czech kings. This building pays tribute to the Gothic design and has an imposing presence. Castle lovers cannot miss Prague Castle, which is the largest in the world with 700 rooms. Just the walk up the hill and a tour of the grounds make this visit worth it. You will learn a great deal about the history of Prague as well as the castle itself with the tour inside the castle. Old Town Square is a vibrant part of the city with a lot of historical significance. On the square, you’ll see the Baroque Church of St. Nicholas, a monument to Jan Hus and the Gothic House at the Stone Bell along with other historical buildings. When you want to take a break from the sightseeing, you can enjoy a stop at one of the coffee shops or foods stands. A spectacular view in the city of Prague includes the Lobkowicz Palace. Paintings from more than 700 years ago bring to life the history of this city inside the palace. There are also ceramic pieces as well as a vast collection of armor and various types of arms. There are even handwritten manuscripts by notable historical figures like Mozart and Beethoven. The tour gives you an inside look at the history of the palace. A prime example of the architectural splendor that awaits you in Prague is Troja Chateau. Built by Count Wenzel Adalbert of Sternberg, the villas are spectacular displays designed by Jean Baptiste Mathey, who brought a touch of Italian flair to the Roman chateau. Visitors can spend hours just gazing at the paintings and other details while temporary exhibits enhance the tour at this magnificent location. St. Nicholas Cathedral has a long and intriguing history. Mozart played the organ here in a church that was a prime example of Baroque design for the 18th century. The building and its items have been well-preserved with flamboyant design and attention to detail. With a long and rich history, Prague is filled with attractions and other historical monuments and buildings that are worth adding to your journey. You will learn something new about this old city regardless of which ones you decide to include in your itinerary.

Prague Food and Drink

One of the big draws to Prague for tourists is the beer. It’s the most popular drink of choice in the Czech Republic, so you can expect to find it just about everywhere. The culture is different from other places with lager beer being the drink of choice. Pubs are found all over the city and enhance the culture of this area. Natives will argue tirelessly about their favorite beer, which will vary from one pub to the next. Two well-known brands in Prague are Budweiser Budvar and Pilsner Urquell. For a local flavor, you’ll want to try Staropramen. Prices vary from where you buy it as well as the brand. Purchase a half-liter bottle of beer at a local grocery store and you may pay as little as 15 CZK while eateries at the Old Town Square may charge as much as 100 CZK or even higher. In beer halls, you’ll find long tables where you can sit and drink with the locals. Just know that it is illegal in the city to drink in public, but most have no problem as long as they don’t act drunk. The food is just as fantastic as the beer in Prague. Locals make lunch their main meal of the day. Many of the recipes focus on chicken and pork for the main entrée with starches to go on the side. Popular sides include dumplings and fries. Dessert is just as important and often includes ice cream, crepes or a local dish called "ovocne knedliky" or fruit dumplings. People in Prague like to eat out so expect the restaurants to be crowded at both lunch and dinner. Many places accept reservations, or you can eat earlier in the day and miss the crowds. Another popular option is the street vendor. You will see vendors all along the streets of Prague serving hot dogs along with mulled wine in both New Town and Old Town. Be prepared to pay for everything at your table or from the vendor, including ketchup, bread, and other condiments. Some other things you should know about food and drink in Prague include the following: · Three staples found on almost all menus are zelo, "knedlo and vepřo", which is cabbage, dumplings, and pork, though almost every restaurant cooks them differently for a unique taste, which you will want to sample at multiple places. · Cabbage is boiled with a sugar sauce, making it sweet, unlike sauerkraut. · "Cmunda" is a local food every traveler should try once. It is made with a potato pancake, which is topped with boiled red cabbage and a spicy pork. If you’re wondering where to go for a meal in Prague, there are several recommended eateries. U Cizku is one place that is known for its traditional Czech foods. There are also some wonderful places for fine dinings, such as the Dancing House which houses Celeste. The menu is only paralleled by the breathtaking architecture and views. If you want a light meal as you’re touring the city, you’ll find an array of pastry shops and delis with pastries and open sandwiches. To end your day, you’ll notice a pub almost every way you turn. Some places feature dark lagers while others serve seasonal beers. Part of the experience in visiting Prague is tasting the traditional foods and local brews, so make it a priority to find the local eateries that offer a unique experience. The food and drink are just as unforgettable as the city itself, so relax and enjoy a taste of the city. Prague is a city filled with a vibrant past as well as modern features that will capture the attention of an audience. You’ll find amazing attractions that teach you about this marvelous city, interesting things to do to keep your mind and body occupied and places to eat and drink that allow you the chance to relax and get to know the locals here. Find out all you can about this amazing place, and you too will discover what makes it such a captivating destination for travelers from all around the world.