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Ways to Achieve Job Satisfaction Through a Franchise Opportunity

Date Added: January 21, 2010 01:29:07 AM

     Many people think that opening a business through a franchise opportunity means jeopardizing the likelihood of career satisfaction; however this is not essentially the case. It has been established that career satisfaction varies on individual personality and attitude along with the most suitable office atmosphere. This means that attaining job satisfaction depends on your own mentality as well as making the right decisions for you! Starting your own career can put you on the right track to reaching your perfect level of job happiness, but it’s not for everyone.  

     To achieve your ultimate strata of job satisfaction, you must first of all figure out what you deem to be job success and also how you can reach that based on your abilities. A franchise can offer you the chance to begin your own business, as well as persistent support as your business expands and evolves. However, you must ensure that you perform a massive amount of research about a variety of franchise opportunities before investing any personal cash. 

     Reports into job satisfaction has found that inner happiness and mettle exert a serious influence on job satisfaction but these cannot be joined to the long term value of a business, this comes by making the right decisions at the right moments. Regular causes for unhappiness amongst franchisees intimate that unhappiness may come about from misperceptions about franchise support and marketing initiatives made prior to the signing of the franchise agreement. 

      This backs up the insight that researching a franchise opportunity intensely is deeply important before agreeing to anything. Unhappiness can also happen because franchisees believe that the franchisor doesn’t take notice of their needs and brings about alterations in business processes that the franchisee is not entirely happy with and may actually damage their business performance. Speaking to old and existing franchisee is also pertinent in this regard. A Journal of Small Business Management poll found that while three quarters of franchisees surveyed had contacted existing franchisees, only 16% had contacted prior franchisees. Both sectors can offer a important insight into the operation of the franchise and in particular former franchisees can give information on the chance of resale should you desire to sell on your franchise business.  

     The journal’s study continues to state that the majority of franchisees polled “did not seek information from potentially key sources such as former franchisees, UFOC documents, bankers, accountants, or lawyers”. These sources must be consulted when thinking about investing any amount of money into a franchise or business opportunity. Any person investing in an opportunity like this is risking their career and future along with the future of their family and any other dependents to the success of their business and therefore must guarantee that they will have the ability to reach their desired success. Individuals shouldn’t make a choice based on a franchisor’s pitch and should also carry out the maximum amount of research beforehand. This also means that you will make the best decision for you and therefore will invest in a franchise with which you are most compatible and most likely to achieve career happiness. The failure of franchisees is most likely a result of the mis-information provided before the franchise agreements are agreed to or mis-reading of information provided. The golden rule to stay true to when researching franchise opportunities is “if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is!” 

     Career happiness cannot be determined by a business model alone as it depends on the personality of the entrepreneur and their capacity to achieve success. However, business success does depend on making the right decision before making an investment and this means carrying out an enormous amount of research before investing any money, as well as consulting with industry experts. Therefore, franchising should be seen as a very viable opportunity to strengthen your career and establish a successful business. There is a large variety of franchise opportunities available on the market offering good and not so good opportunities, but with the proper attitude and street smarts, you will be able to make the perfect decision selecting the best opportunity for you.