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What You Get With a LUCI Starter Kit

Date Added: November 24, 2009 04:23:17 PM

     The LUCI electronic cigarette starter kit is a new top of the line way for people who smoke and have tried to quit but were not able to. It is a kit made up of an electronic cigarette which has a vapor that can be of different flavors to help you stop the smoking habit. The flavors run any where from regular to cherry, or clove or even chocolate flavor, all depending on your mood and personal tastes. It's very stylish and custom made so it looks just like a real cigarette. It can replace your regular cigarettes. The starter kit provides you with rechargerable batteries, so there is no need for a lighter, an atomizer and extra e cartridges to keep you going. These e cigarettes can last up to 2 weeks at a time. This LUCI starter kit comes at a decent price. And can be purchased online and mailed to you. In online ordering it can be shipped for free.

     There are several Luci starter kits you can choose from. Depending on your style you can be slick and stylish and no one would know that it's an e cigarette. These starter kits are also available for men and women. The benefits of the Luci starter kit is that it's inexpensive compared to the rising cost of your favorite brand or cigarettes. Also with the Luci kit, you can go any where and use it. It puts out a flavored aroma that goes away after a few seconds. They have no after taste and doesn't stain your teeth. Best of all these e cigarettes have no nicotine or tar in them so you can not get addicted to them. These starter kits are a great way to lower your smoking or get you to stop smoking all together. Inexpensive and are always a quick way to have your smoke.