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Why Fall Is The Best Time For Roofing

Date Added: February 22, 2017 03:59:20 AM
When it is time to get a new roof, then the perfect season is the Fall. Right after the hot summer and before the cold winters, autumn offers the perfect temperatures for any roofing jobs. Roof installation done right before winter will allow you to ready your home for the snow, and ice. Be aware that you must book your roofer weeks in advanced, so he has lead way to send his construction crew. Fall is a busy season for roofers since many homeowners have discovered that its the best time to start these projects.

Your roof will go through summer rains and winds, which can have a toll on your roof structure. It’s recommended to inspect your roof at the end of the summer, and anytime a high level storm ends. You want to take care of any problems as quickly as possible, which inspections can catch early on. When getting a roof replacement on your own time, you will save money instead of a rush emergency job.

Autumn has the best weather for any roof replacements. Installation of roofs are perfectly installed on a dry and clear day. The best temperature for roofing is when it is above 45 to 50 degrees. Having the ideal temperatures when roofing will benefit the roofer and help the shingles sealing process.Every shingle should be sealed properly before winter arrives. This will allow for the airtight barrier against the cold winter. In addition, the shingles will be less likely to be affected by winds, and blown away.

When there is cold air, the shingles are usually a bit more brittle and this makes the shingles harder to work with. The recommendation for shingle installation temperatures no less than 26 degrees. In colder weathers, hand nailing might be used instead of utilizing roofing guns, which will take the job longer to be completed.Taking care of your roof before winter is important, because any current roof leak can get worse if not taken cared of. In addition, the weight of the snow and ice, will increase the repairs necessary for your roof.