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Why I Tried Sytropin

Date Added: November 24, 2009 09:07:13 PM
     I have battled my weight gain issue, since the birth of my son who is now 4. Now that I have my weight gain issue, I also have less desire to have sex. It has gotten expensive with all the different diet programs. While researching I found out that HGH could decrease fat, aid in weight loss, improve libido and sexual function, improve thinking and memory, reduce wrinkles and cellulite, help PMS and menopausal symptoms, Decrease and balance cholesterol levels, Strengthen the immune system (a excellent benefit not with the flu and H1N1 virus concerns), Improve and increase growth of hair and nails ( My nails are very brittle so that would also be a good benefit), Improve deep, restful sleep( with my weight and love life issues I lose sleep , so I would love this benefit) , Build muscle and strength, and improve fitness.

     The amino acids will help create the various proteins used in the growth, repair, and maintenance of body tissues and improve other health conditions, and more! My roadblock was when I found out that HGH injections is one of the most expensive drugs, with a cost that usually ranges between $800 and $3,000 per month. I decide to search for a less expensive, which led me to great reviews on Sytropin is an oral HGH spray, which would be highly absorbent like the HGH injection. My desire to loose weight and gain my sex life back made me want to sign up for the Sytropin free trial. So who wouldn't want to try it.