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Will Drinking Bottled Water Get You Healthy Smooth Skin?

Date Added: November 06, 2010 03:39:08 PM
Recently the Food and Living channel has done a very interesting study to uncover the myth that drinking 2 liters of bottled water each day will keep you hydrated and have smooth, young looking healthy skin, which is also suppose to help fight the human aging process.

The research has been done on twin sisters. Both lead a very healthy lifestyle and always drink a lot of water and green juices every day. The twins always believed that the secret behind their hydrated and soft looking skin is thanks to their habit of consuming at least 5 glass of water every day – one cup of green tea in the morning, another glass of orange juice during lunch time, a cup of distilled water during the midday work; a hot cup of chocolate after work and another cup of coffee after dinner.

So the scientists decided to run the side by side test between these two girls for a week – one is allowed to drink clean – purified bottled water as much as she wanted, while the other could not have any drinks at all – not even tea, juice, or simply tap water.

Of course it was very hard for the second girl having to restrict herself to such harsh diet and having no water to drink, because she has always been used to consuming lots of liquid and always stayed hydrated. She felt noticeable result on her face- the skin become dry and saggy as if it was left under the sun for days without moisture.

Amazingly, after the test finished and when the laboratory results were conducted, in reality it showed no difference between the twins – the one who could drink as much water as you wanted did not have her facial skin in any better condition than her second sister who was not permitted to take any drinks at all. After that, every one realized that drinking at least 2 liters of water per day as an alternative to using best anti wrinkle cream treatment techniques was not a viable solution.

Both testers and those who participated in the survey were convinced that even though we heard many stories and beauty tips from experts who recommend taking healthy anti aging treatment methods, such as drinking plenty of fresh green juices were just merely self proclaiming statements.

The rumors are spread by some of the biggest brand name in the health market in order to inflate and influence people into buying all kind of supplements, pills and equipments in order to achieve more youthful look and fight the aging process. In reality, exercising has always been a corner stone to achieving younger, healthy look and keeping deceases at bay.