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German Directories Submission service

You can never have too many incoming links to your site, especially when they are of good quality and relevance. Here we offer you another opportunity to increase your backinks from German language directories. Our German directory submission service is designed to help you increase your relevant backlinks. We will do all the hard work for you. We already found the German directories, and are constantly searching for more. We will also do the job of submitting your site to all the German directories in our list.

Our manual directory submission service is 100% human made,done by SEO professionals that will take care of all your specific site's needs. Your site will be submitted under your given categories and following all your given criteria. Take the next step towards site promotion and order a manual directory submission package now !

Sample list here: German directories list

We offer several packages:

Basic Plan

- you get submitted to 100 German directories
- the cost is 0.37$/directory
- 37$ for the plan

After we receive the payment we will contact you to ask for the details at your paypal address. So check it and reply to our email.

The following apply to all plans:

1. German directories are 60% PR1 to PR6 .
2. You can give us up to 5 anchor texts (titles) for your link
3. You can give us up to 5 descriptions for your link
4. You can give us up to 5 keyword strings for your link
5. When we are done submitting you will be given a report containing all the German directories your site has been submitted to.
6. We DO NOT guarantee approval, because approval depends on each directory's owner. We do however submit your site to the best relevant category so you have maximum chances of being approved.
7. Job will be completed within a week unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Sample list here: German directory list

NOTE: For a high acceptance rate, your site should either have a German version, or at least, the details given to us should be in German( we have tested with an English language site and German details and acceptance is over 70%).

YES, we also submit gambling sites, as we have submitted a few and had positive results! No adult sites though.

If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to contact us.

To your Online Success,
The Pegasus Directory Team.

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