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Guaranteed Directories Submission service

Everybody knows about manual directory submission, but this is something else. It is the next step in directory submission. Guaranteed permanent directory submission will guaranteed you the spot in all the directories that we submit your site into. The approval will be immediate and permanent, so what you pay for is what you get.

You have the option of choosing whether you want your link regular or featured. The difference is that the regular link is displayed in it's category along with all the other links; it is displayed only once. The featured link is displayed above all other links in that given category, and it is displayed on all the pages of that category, meaning that if the category you submit your link in has 5-10 pages, you will receive 5-10 links. In time they will be even more. Also, as featured link you are allowed to add 2 more internal urls of your site and 2 more anchor texts, one for each url.

A few details about the network:

- 10 paid directories ( meaning none of the directories has its categories full of links, we strive for quality instead of quantity. )
- Each directory is on a different IP (so each link will count).
- NO dropped domains with PR, all are directories with directory names and natural gained PR.
- PR of directories is : 2 x PR3 directories, 6 x PR2 directories 2 x PR1 directory .
- Regular links are $7 per directory and they are lifetime, you get a 40% discount for submitting to all 10 directories (see packages below).
- Featured links are $17 per directory and they are yearly. After the first year if you choose not to pay again for the featured they automatically transform to regular links are remain in the directory lifetime. You get a 40% discount for submitting to all of 10 directories (see packages below).
- As we have only 10 directories we will keep building links to them ensuring that they keep growing in the future.

If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to contact us.

The packages are as follows:

Guaranteed permanent 10 regular links

- links are regular, permanent and guaranteed
- 40% discount from the normal price of $7 / directory
- $42 for the plan ($4.2 per directory )

Guaranteed yearly 10 featured links

- links are featured, yearly and guaranteed
- you get to submit 2 additional inner urls from the same domain
- 40% discount from the normal price of $17 / directory
- $102 for the plan( $10.2 per directory )

After we receive the payment we will contact you to ask for the details at your paypal address. So check it and reply to our email.

The following apply to all plans:

1. We will need a minimum of 5 descriptions, ideally 10, as we aim for quality so we don't want to copy-paste the same thing everywhere.
2. We will need 1 - 10 titles (as anchor texts for your link ).
3. We will need 2-5 keyword strings for the submission.
4. We GUARANTEE approval, because this is a guaranteed directory submission, you can ask us about your link before we start though. We reserve the right to reject sites that do not comply.
5. Deep links are accepted
6. Gambling and games sites are accepted
7. NO adult sites

To your Online Success,
The Pegasus Directory Team.

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