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Start doing your social marketing the right way and see how much increase in your clients and traffic this can bring. 
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Learn to do your social marketing the right way and drive traffic like you never thought possible!

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It's not as hard as you might thing, all you need is the proper setup and tools and you could be starting to drive great leads to your business in a matter of hours. People that are interested in what you have to offer and not some junk traffic. How much would you pay for traffic like this? Would you be surprised to learn that you can get it for free - well a little involvement on your part.

You might have heard it but you never tried it or you might not even have heard about it, but social traffic is great it's targeted and it involves people eager to buy what you have to offer. It can depend on what niche you are and it will require a little setup at first, but I'll show you step by step what you need to do to start tapping into this great source of traffic that is social traffic.

If you'd like to go straight to the point and know about social marketing let me just tell you that the next smart step in this direction is scheduling it. You need to concentrate on creating amazing content, not on being in front of your computer at certain times when your audience is maximum to press a button and post your article. So start scheduling your social marketing today and see how much time you can free up!

For the rest of you that want to take it from the beginning let's start and see how you can apply social marketing to your business.

Let's start with Facebook Marketing

This is an amazing source of traffic, you might already know that it's the number 1 social network in the world at this moment with 900,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors. That is a lot, what do you think, some of them could be interested in what you have to offer?

So here's the short story :

  1. You'll need to have a Facebook account, most of you already do, if you don't have one just go ahead and create one, make sure to verify it with you phone and email so it's completely safe.
  2. You will need to create a Page for your business, some of you will have one, if you don't go ahead and make one. If you don't know how there are extensive tutorials about this online.
  3. Also create a group in your niche if you don't already have one, it takes just a few minutes and it never hurts to have your brand everywhere.
  4. Go and find a few hundred groups related to your niche, do it right, find groups only interested in your nice, don't just go and find random groups, take your time and sort through them so they are all targeted
  5. Join all those groups that you found. Don't do it all at once, join a few per day, after a few days increase to a few dozen per day until to joined them all. Take is slow especially if you Facebook account is new
  6. At this point you should have a page, a group and a few hundred Facebook groups joined that are targeted to your niche. While you're waiting to join all those groups and to be approved in them remember to post 1-2 times a day news and information on your page and group so they look updated and active. You can also ask a few of your friend to join and like and help a little when the page is new
  7. Everything until now was pretty easy, just grunt work, now you'll need to think a little, create one or more ads for your business, don't make it sound spammy, don't just ask people to buy or visit your page, create a nice ad that would make people click it to see what that's about. Try to solve a problem for them, try to help them with something ( just like I'm doing with this tutorial for example - but unlike me keep it short people on Facebook have a very short attention span :) )
  8. After you have the ad also find a nice picture to go with it, ads with pictures usually convert a lot better
  9. Go ahead and post that ad on all those groups that you are a part of. If you've joined many, you don't need to post on all on the same day, you can spread it out over a few days. Remember to include a link back to your business or else you've worked for nothing.
  10. Remeber I also told you to make a Facebook page? Post a promotion on it, a discount, a contest, anything to attract attention and help people. After that go and share that post that you made on your page on all the groups you're a part of, as they're targeted to your niche people will be interested, come to your page, like and comment, interact with it and also go to your site for the promotion. Make sure to share that post using the share function within Facebook, don't copy-paste it and post it in the groups like you posted above the ads.
  11. Keep at it, keep posting ads about your business, promotions, discounts, contests and soon you'll have a steady stream of amazing incoming traffic

Ok, ok, but this sounds really hard to do, find all those groups, join them, keep at it for days not knowing if this will might say. Not necessarily, we do have computers now and you're not a slave, you can automate almost all those tasks and concentrate on what really matters, creating amazing content.

Try Mass Planner today 5 days for free

How to automate it?
Simple, use the Facebook Poster from Mass Planner you can go ahead and read what it can do but let me give you the quick version: It can find groups for your, it can join those groups over time, it can post to all those groups your messages, it can share on all those groups your page's posts. This is pretty much half of what you needed to do manually in the above steps. It can do a lot more, but this will suffice for what you need to do in order to get those clients that you really need.

Facebook marketing works for almost all niches, for some it will work really good, for some not so good, but it will work. There are other social sites however. For example, if you are into a niche that has a lot of pictures, like cooking, screen savers, cars, fashion and so on you should take advantage of another amazing social network : Pinterest. I'm sure you already know about Pinterest, it's number 4 on the top most popular social networks with 250,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors. Again that's a lot. How many of them do you think would be interested in what you have to offer? A lot? Or just a few but willing to buy? Why not try it out.

Pinterest Marketing

This is another amazing way to drive targeted traffic towards your business. If yours is a visual business you should even try this before you try the Facebook marketing as it has the potential to bring in more traffic that you know what to do with!

Let's see how to start with Pinterest marketing

  1. First things first. You will need a Pinterest account in case you don't have one already, so go make one, make it nice, enter all the details, use a nice description with your keywords in it, enter your site url and verify it, do it like you mean it because you should!
  2. Now that you have your account, create 5-10 boards. Make 3-4 around the topic of your website but not all the same, something related, one of course should be exactly on your topic. Make the other on other stuff, things you like, you'd be interested in, anything goes.
  3. Go to work, start pinning 5-10 images daily in each of your newly created boards. For the ones that you made around your niche use your own url as the source url. For the others use the original url of the place you took the images from.
  4. Also make 5-10 re-pins of other people's images on each of your boards each day, go and search for the keywords you're interested in that applies to each board and re-pin images related to that
  5. While looking for pins to re-pin for your board keep your eyes open and also like and comment of a few other pins so you leave a trace that leads back to your boards everywhere you go
  6. Each day follow a few boards related to your main keywords, if your profile is nice enough and you're lucky some of the people you follow will follow back, this will increase the reach of your pins
  7. Keep at it for a few weeks and you should start to see an increasing amount of traffic to your site. Remember that these pins are there to stay so they will brind a lot more traffic over time, just keep doint it.
  8. After a few weeks when your account is nice and it has around 10 boards with a lot of pins and re-pins in it, it's time to take it a step further. Start looking for big community boards. Those are boards where you can get invited and post your pins. Those are board that have thousands and thousands of followers and when you pin an image there it will get re-pinned and share a lot and it will bring huge boosts of traffic to your site.
  9. Most community boards have the rules in their description and tell you how to do to join as a contributor, if they don't just comment on one recent pin made by the admin with @admin ( change admin with the admin's name) asking him/her nicely to add you as a contributor, if you're in you're set :)

This sounds nice, right? But again a lot of work, keeping up to 10 boards updated like that each day is a full time job. Yes it is, you're right, but as before you don't need to do it manually. Automate everything and do only the things that computers can't do for you. Use the Pinterest Poster from Mass Planner it can do most of that stuff for you. Here's the quick version. It can post your pins to your boards, it can automatically find for the top pins by keyword or category and re-pin them on your boards, it can find for simmilar boards and follow them, it can find pins by keyword or category and like and comment on them and more. Most of the repetitive work is done for you, all you need to do is make sure you use great images for your boards that will entice people to come to your site.

As you can see, there's no need to go and get a different and expensive tool for each of your social site, Mass Planner has them all in one place at a really affordable price. There's also talk of adding Twitter next and if that's the case you'll have no reason to complain you don't have traffic to your site and clients for your business, take action and get them there now! Its' all up to you, if you want something you need to work a little to get it, fortunately you will have help, it won't complain, you can keep it working 24/7 and it will never fail.

Try Mass Planner today 5 days for free