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The vital role of computers in society is undeniable and grows daily. They perform functions at lightning fast speeds. Time consumption in the workplace, as well as at home, is cut by more than half. Computers can help create charts, find mathematical solutions and answer questions to life’s biggest problems.

When computers were a relatively new idea, they were created for the purpose of making certain work functions easier. For instance, correcting typing mistakes was much easier. Students were able to write well-polished reports for school. That is still the case with many added bonuses. People purchase computers to communicate with family and friends, work online, keep records and enjoy all types of media.

Computers offer limitless possibilities to a vast majority of people around the world. The computer can help people fling their talents into super stardom. It can just as easily destroy reputations when it is misused. Society would be a different place without the use of computers and the internet.

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