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There are several areas where science is important. The first area is in the day to day life of every human being. Science plays an important role in the human life. Learning of science has changed the life of human by several means. Science has provided us with two options, to do and not to do. This is what, which is separating us from the animals. The way we use the science in our life will influence each one of us’s life. Without science, we should still be living in the dark ages.

There are various fields of science, and biomedical field is one of the most important fields of life. Each one should thank for the advances in this field. This advancement has led to fewer diseases among us. Years ago, there was some illness, which resulted in the death. With the advancement in the technology and science, most of the such disease has been eradicated from the earth. People are now able to live a long and healthier life. So we must be thankful to those great people who served their whole life for the evolution of science.

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