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Society is a term that has diverse meaning that varies from one context to another. Society refers to a group of people who are bound together by some form of relations, live in a particular location, have an organized form of social (political) organization and share a similar culture.

Society can refer to an ethnic group, a country (nation state) or generally a broader cultural group such as the Arabic society.

Society is not static. With time, society changes gradually from one state to another. This is as a result of the social relations brought by new members coming into the society through immigrations and intermarriages. Social interactions through such activities as economic activities like trade also play a great role in changing the way of life in the society.

These changes that slowly bring transformations in the society ultimately carry with them tangible and visible effects on our lives. Usually, these changes bring cultural conflicts between old cultural practices and the new cultural practices that are being incorporated into the society. These conflicts are now the greatest sources of erosion of some cultural behaviors and the emergence of others.

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