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 A happy and satisfied employee will always go the extra mile to contribute to the growth of your business. But Nowadays companies are facing the challenge of employee turnover due to the communication gap between employers and employees. There may be many reasons for employee turnover. But it needs to be reduced because high turnover may affect the profitability of the organization. That is why employee feedback surveys are important for reviewing the performance of the employees.

What is Employee Feedback?

Employee feedback is defined as a process of giving constructive suggestions to employees. Basically feedback is taken for the improvisation in their performance.

Employee feedback survey is an integral part of the employee experience as it helps employees get better in their job as well as for the organization to develop healthy work culture.

Importance of Employee Feedback:

It is very necessary to remain engaged with their employees for a better employee experience because feedback defines the individual performance towards the organization as well as helps in identifying the area of improvement. A happy employee will contribute more towards the organization. On the other hand, the unhappy employees will spread unhappiness in the organization.

That is why knowing the perception of employees is very important to keep the employees happy and productive.

Types of employee feedback surveys:

  1. Induction surveys: Induction surveys should be taken from the employees because this shows how well the employee is understanding the organization and working culture. Taking induction surveys from the employees shows that the company values its employee’s opinions.
  2. Working environment surveys: It is very important to know our employee’s views regarding the working environment. Because unprofessional environment may create disputes which will have an adverse effect on the productivity of the organization as well as on its goodwill.
  3. Exit surveys: Exit surveys need to be conducted to know the reason behind the resignation of the employees. After collecting and analyzing the data company may furthermore improve the working culture and may lead to a decrease in employee turnover.


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