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With cryptocurrency, we get a new medium of exchange that paves new
possibilities of business. In the last decade, the demand of this technology
has grown by leaps and bounds. This technology has shown us new
methods of delivering efficiency in payments and other fintech solutions.
LUCIFER is a revolutionary initiative that is committed to bringing more
liquidity, protection, and overall ad- vantages with this technology.
LUCIFER is going to deliver pioneering platforms that allow you to mold
this technology in ways we are used to. With this project, investors will be
able to mint more profits through the decentralized control. As opposed
to centralized mechanism, this blockchain-based network is aimed at
giving transparency at every levels.
With crypto markets developing it is highly probable that asset and
strategy allocation will begin to converge with traditional finance.
Fincore’s index platform stands to benefit from this influx of capital and its
user friendly design will appease both crypto natives as well as users
completely new to de- centralized finance.
As the token economy expands and becomes more diverse, participants
will want products that can provide them with diversified exposure to
these different sectors. Sector specific indices will become the Schelling
point for benchmarking performance. Our index creation tools allow the
portfolio of in-dices to grow with the market, easily supporting new
sectors as they are defined.
However, token economies are unlike their traditional counterparts in the
sense that token holders take a more active role in the decision making
process. In line with this ideology, LUCIFER will support active
participation in the governance of the tokens it custodies. Additionally, we
will minimize opportunity cost by leveraging off-platform yield optimizers.

Takes Reservations
Accepts Credit Cards
Apple Pay
Outdoor Seating
Good for Kids
Good for Groups
Waiter Service
Wheelchair Accessible
Has TV
Dogs Allowed
Sells Gift Certificates
Has Music
Parking Lot
Valet Parking
Free Wifi
Smoking Allowed
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