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1. Oral cancer is cancer that develops in the tissues of the mouth or throat. It belongs to a larger group of cancers called head and neck cancers. Most develop in the squamous cells found in your mouth, tongue, and lips.

2. Malignant growth of the oral cavity is the most widely recognized kind of disease that creates in the head and neck locale, a gathering called head and neck malignant growth.

Risk Factors and Prevention

1. Tobacco use. Utilizing tobacco, including cigarettes, stogies, pipes, biting tobacco, and snuff is the single biggest gamble factor for head and neck disease. Handed-down cigarette smoke may likewise build an individual’s take an enormous risk of disease.
Continuous and weighty utilization of liquor builds the take an enormous risk disease. Utilizing liquor and tobacco together builds this hazard much more.
Different variables that can raise an individual’s gamble of creating oral malignant growth include:

2. Delayed sun openness. High openness to the sun, without sun assurance measures, is connected with the disease in the lip region.
Men are bound to foster oral and oropharyngeal tumors than ladies.

3. Light complexion. The light complexion is connected to a higher gamble of lip malignant growth.
Individuals more seasoned than 45 have an expanded gamble for oral malignant growth, albeit this kind of disease can create in individuals of all ages.

4. Helpless oral cleanliness. Absence of dental consideration and not after standard oral cleanliness practices might cause an expanded gamble of oral hole disease.
Horrible eating routine/nourishment. An eating regimen low in products of the soil and a lack of vitamin A might expand the gamble of oral and oropharyngeal disease.
Debilitated safe framework

5. Maryjane use. Ongoing examinations have recommended that individuals who have utilized Maryjane might be at higher-than-normal take an enormous risk of malignant growth.

The oral pit incorporates the:
1. Lips
2. The coating of the lips and cheeks is called the buccal mucosa
3. Upper and lower gums, called the gingiva
4. Front 66% of the tongue
5. The top of the mouth likewise called the hard sense of taste
6. Retromolar trigone, which is the little region behind the insight teeth.

Symptoms and Signs

1. Red or white fix on the gums, tongue, or coating of the mouth
2. A protuberance on the lip, mouth, neck, or a sensation of thickening in the cheek
3. Deadness of the mouth or tongue
4. Agony or draining in the mouth
5. Trouble biting, gulping, or moving the jaws or tongue
6. Ear and additionally jaw torment
7. Constantly terrible breath
8. Changes in discourse
9. Relaxing of teeth or toothache
10. False teeth that presently do not fit
11. Unexplained weight reduction
12. Weakness
13. During later phases of the illness, individuals might encounter a deficiency of hunger.


There are 3 main treatment options for oral cancer: surgery, radiation therapy, and therapies using medication.
1. Chemotherapy
2. Immunotherapy
3. Targeted therapy

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