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Hundreds and hundreds of blogs are there in world wide web. There are various genres of blogs such as travelogues, medical blogs, sports blog, etc. The main goal of blogs is to share information.

Creating a blog doesn’t require any detailed programming knowledge. Anyone who has a basic computer and internet knowledge can start writing their own blogs. There are many websites that provide facilities for the users to start their own blog, like Blogger, Trumblr, etc. If you are looking for a more personalized and customized blog, you have to develop one by yourself and host it in your own server. You can use any open-source content management system like WordPress, Typo 3, Symphony, etc. You can use free themes available or even make one by yourself if you have sound knowledge in html and css.

Even though the main intention of blogs is to share information, it also works as a good source of income. You can publish ads on your blog and get paid for that. If your blog has a good traffic, you will get more income. There are many people who are earning thousands of dollars every month by writing blogs. Even celebrities are writing blogs to share their daily schedules and upcoming attractions with their fans. Another advantage of writing a blog is that, you will get really popular in the internet if your blogging worked out well. People have even started blogging with the help of guest writers who write for others and get paid for that. This itself proves that how much important blogs are today.

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