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Indian Robotics Company

Robotics and artificial intelligence

Solicitous is an Indian robotics company of applied AI and robotics technology to various environments, including home, school, healthcare, industrial, aerial drones, and retail. Solicitous is a provider of AI-related customized software development and associated IT services for advanced robotics applications with artificial intelligence and a machine learning expert team.


Solicitous works with global manufacturers for different types of robots. The company creates state-of-the-art robotics products that meet customers’ exacting requirements, solving robotics problems using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Offering innovative products to help customers run their businesses more effectively and save costing, solicitous delivers the solutions which allow today’s advanced personal robots to integrate into all aspects of our everyday lives, both at home and in the workplace.


The company’s bespoke robotics and artificial intelligence systems encompass such advanced applied technologies as AI Systematic assessments. By grading user responses by speech, text, and visual feedback, Solicitous can deliver emotional analysis, textual analysis, grammatical evaluation, and image-to text-representation.


Solicitous also provides web development and integration and Android & iOS mobile application development to grow robot-enabled businesses, allowing early-stage entrepreneurs to transform their raw ideas into reality using cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence technology


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