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Kocho Racin br 38/3-18, Skopje, 1000
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BaalRoom is a website designed specially for kids. This website is COPPA compliant. Only kids or their parents/guardians might currently create an account on the website. In the signup process, an email would be sent with the details about the website. The parents or guardians need to fill up this form before the kids can use BaalRoom. All content posted on the website, whether it is text, images, videos, podcasts, and sound or voice files, would be checked by our admin team before it is publicly available. For safety and privacy reasons, the content created by your kid would remain private unless the kid or parent/guardian decide to make it public. Currently, no direct contact between kids is allowed and kids cannot share any information among each other through this website. The information or content created by kids would remain private or become publicly available if they desire it to be. You do not have to create a username to use BaalRoom. The books, homework sheets etc. are free to download and use without logging in. The website is completely free to use and contains no advertisements. No data is shared with any third party or any advertiser. In future, we might allow banner advertisements that will not use any private data. We might also allow third parties to sell content in future on this website.

Takes Reservations
Accepts Credit Cards
Apple Pay
Outdoor Seating
Good for Kids
Good for Groups
Waiter Service
Wheelchair Accessible
Has TV
Dogs Allowed
Sells Gift Certificates
Has Music
Parking Lot
Valet Parking
Free Wifi
Smoking Allowed
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Kocho Racin br 38/3-18, Skopje, 1000
BaalRoom is a website designed specially for kids. This website is COPPA compliant. Only […]
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