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In its prime, Matka was the great leveler. The multi-crore betting business, astutely birthed in 1962 by Worli grocery supply shop proprietor Kalyanji Bhagat as a turn off of the wagering on the opening and shutting rates of cotton transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange, was the place even “the stars” attempted their good fortune.
It at first included players betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton on the New York Cotton Exchange. It can be followed back to a period before India’s freedom in 1947 and is accepted to have initially been called Ankuda Jugar.
In the 1960s, the game was adjusted because of the New York Cotton Exchange clipping down on the wagering. After this, different methods for producing random numbers were utilized, for example, managing cards or hauling slips out from a pot called a Matka.
“My dad began the Worli Matka and fanned out to different zones because of rising interest. From the lower working class to enormous business people and film stars, everybody needed a bit of the pie,” recalls Vinod Bhagat, Kalyanji’s child. “At the point when the Panna (the chits on which the winning numbers were composed) was opened, the group spilled out onto the streets.”
The profits legitimized substantial turnouts. A Rs 1 wager on a single Panna could gain Rs 150, a twofold Panna Rs 250, and a ‘trial’ (triple) Panna could round up Rs 800-Rs 900.
Matka gambling or betting of any kind is illegal in India. But still, there are thousands of online and offline agents running this multi-million industry of Satta Matka.
India is suffering from such kind of illegal gambling and the government is so far remained unsuccessful in curbing the Matka business in the country.
There are 12 different bazaars or operators of Matka gambling – Milan Day, Milan Night, Rajdhani Day, Rajdhani Night, Kalyan, Main Mumbai, ‘Main Mumbai Day, New Milan Day, Time Bazaar, Diamond, News Express and Malamal.

The Rise of Matka Business

The Matka business saw its golden days through the 1980s and touched its peak in the following decade to the 90s. Betting was exceeding the value of over Rs 500 crores a month. There were more than 2000 small and medium size bookies who have a strong grip on Mumbai.
Many people often used to sell their properties to cut down their losses.
But, the golden days of Satta Matka was about to end in when it emerged that Matka business is funding the underworld. Police opened a massive operation to crackdown every Matka hub and dens forcing it to shift its base to the state of Gujrat and Rajasthan.
Gujarat, which is believed to be the center of ‘Matka’ business, used to generate approximately Rs 700 crore on a daily basis through Matka gambling.
The persons who have earned a huge amount of money from Matka Gambling are known as Matka Kings.

How to Play Satta Matka Game?

You can Play Satta Matka Online on the Official Indian Satta Matka Website –
You need to pick (3) three numbers from the set of 0 – 9. For example, let’s pick 5,3,6; now 5,3,6 would be your first pick at random. To add more substance to the game, the picked numbers would be summed up (5 + 3 + 6) and a final number is given. In this example, it is 14. Now, you only use one digit that is the last one of this number. In this example, it will be 4. So your first draw would be 5,3,6 *4.
The second set of numbers is also drawn is a similar way. As a random example, let’s assume the numbers are 8,2,8. Now, add these numbers (8 + 2 + 8), the would-be total 18, we again only use the last digit so our final pick for the second set of numbers, that is 8. Now, our second draw would be 8,2,8 *8.
Your final card would look like this: 5,3,6 *4 X 8,2,8 *8.
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