Getting CompTIA Security+ Certification To Reshape IT Career

Detailed Information

To earn CompTIA Security+ certification, applicants must pass an exam that includes multiple-choice and performance-based questions on topics such as risk management, threat analysis and response, and network, application and device protection.

In its simplest form, it is no different from most other written exams. It uses different types of questions that test the candidate’s knowledge of a particular area of information security. With good preparation, applicants have the best chance of passing the CompTIA Security + certificate exam.

CompTIA offers certificates for all of these segments and more. Vinsys can walk you through this easily if you are interested in the CompTIA+ certification and getting into your IT career.

More about the CompTIA Security+ + certification exam:

CompTIA Security+ is an information technology certificate covering concepts of network security, access control, cryptography, threats and vulnerabilities, identity management, and more. And while CompTIA does not require any prerequisites, CompTIA recommends that certification candidates acquire the Network+ credential and/or have at least several years of security administration experience with an emphasis on security.

CompTIA Security+ is the first cybersecurity-focused certificate that an applicant can obtain. It helps identify the basic security features required by security professionals by providing a stepping stone to mid-level cybersecurity roles. Security+ includes hands-on troubleshooting best practices to ensure applicants have the practical skills to address security issues needed to:

● Assess the security position of the company’s environment and recommend and implement appropriate security solutions.

● Monitor and protect hybrid environments including mobile, cloud and IoT.

● Work with knowledge of all applicable laws, management guidelines and principles, and risk and compliance.

● Identify, analyze and respond to various cybersecurity events and incidents.

● Security+ Certification complies with ISO 17024. This certification is also approved by the US Department of Defense to meet the requirements of Directive 8140/8570.01-M. There is usually a version update every three years and for some time there is an overlap between the old and new versions that the candidates can choose from.

In 2020, CompTIA will renew its security certification exam. The new version of the exam, SY0-601, was introduced in November 2020, while the old version, exam code SY0-501, will be available until July 2021. During this time, candidates can choose which version they wish to complete.

While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, these two testing options can impact how candidates prepare for their exams. Usually, if you study for the older version, the SY0-501 exam option is the better of the two.

First, the Security+ exam preparation materials are likely to be adapted to the longer exam objectives. Additionally, many preparatory courses and trainers may be more experienced and established in newer versions of the exam.

Preparation for CompTIA Security+ + Exam

While there may be differences in individual preferences when preparing for an exam, there are general guidelines to help candidates organize exam preparation.

It is very beneficial to have a basic understanding of what to expect from the exam. If you take the time to learn about CompTIA Security+ certification and exam requirements, you can go a long way.

The more detail you know about the questions to be answered, the easier it will be to assess what you already know and what still needs to be learned. To better understand the content of the exam, the candidate should download the exam objectives and practice the exam questions.

What you already know versus what to expect:

CompTIA Security+ is an opportunity for many and opens the door to a wide variety of IT and cybersecurity jobs. As mentioned earlier, there are no prerequisites to take this exam. However, at least two years of practical experience in IT administration with a focus on security is recommended. It’s also a good idea to get a Network + Certificate ahead of time.

Previous network and security experience will significantly affect the knowledge gap between what the candidate already knows and what is expected. Regardless of experience, it’s good to know the areas that need further study and focus on those areas.

Closing the knowledge gap

CompTIA offers a comprehensive range of resources and training materials to assist applicants in earning their certificate. This resource offers several ways to acquire the basic knowledge described for the exam.

The self-guided provides applicants with the basic principles for installing and configuring cybersecurity controls and participating in incident response and risk mitigation activities.

Another option besides self-study is to study in class. CompTIA Security+ certification training is offered by various public academic institutions and vocational training centres such as Vinsys. Teacher-led training can be an excellent option as it can greatly increase your chances of earning a certificate. In the end, the candidates did not know what to study.

Pass the security exam

While candidates usually try to do as much training as possible before the exam, it is recommended to rest well, enjoy a healthy diet, and come to the on-site or online testing center with sufficient time to prepare well. for the test.

On the day of the exam, candidates must complete several steps before they can actually take the exam. This includes:

● Show two forms of identification.

● Review the guidelines for testing and signing the CompTIA Application Agreement.

● If the exam is taken at the physical exam center, the candidate will not be able to take anything in the exam room. Candidates, on the other hand, must take photos of the room during the online test session to ensure they don’t have access to books, pens, phones, computers, and other items hanging on nearby walls.

Get Safety + Continuing Education Unit:

Immediately after passing the exam, the candidate will be notified whether he or she has passed the exam or not. To maintain their credential, applicants must acquire and submit their continuing education unit during a 3-year renewal cycle from the date of certification. If a candidate is unable to renew their certificate, the only way to get it back is to take the exam again.

Vinsys offers training for CompTIA Security+ certification in NYC that covers the CompTIA exam. Contact us if you are interested in earning a CompTIA  Security+ certification and advancing your IT career. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions on this topic!

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