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A Career in ACCA…….

First, let’s understand what exactly ACCA is. So ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the Global Professional Accounting Body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant Qualification.

The ACCA Qualification is the world-leading accountancy Course for aspiring Financial Professionals – providing students with the skills, knowledge, and values to have successful careers and lead the organizations they work with into the future.

So we know now that the ACCA Course is very prestigious and hence obviously, it is not super easy but, since it is very flexible (One Exam at a time and that too every Quarter), with dedication and hard work one can complete it.

There are three levels in ACCA Course, and students also get various Exemptions depending on their current qualifications. But the important thing here is that one can have a very successful Global career with ACCA.

Being an ACCA does not mean that you can only work in Accounting or Audit. It opens the door to so many opportunities around the world. This Course also helps you to execute strategic tasks at Top Management Levels in the long run.
You could work in Tax, Audit, Financial Reporting, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Investment Banks, Big 4’s, as a Trainer/Educator, Forensic Accounting, and so much more. One can choose any field which interests them after your ACCA.
You could also work in any Big company, as long as the company is big enough to need Accounting Services. Be that, Information and Technology, Insurance, Sport, Business, Retail, Hospitality, or any other. Your chosen profession is in demand.

ACCA is not just about accounting but so much more. The syllabus is designed; in such a manner that it equips you to face real practical problems. You learn so much about business and leadership and management techniques that you would not expect out of an accounting course. It honestly develops you to face any challenges in the workplace.

ACCA is a highly recognized Professional Certification that is accepted by around 200,000 members across 181 countries in the world. In addition, thousands of employers in different parts of the globe have acknowledged the ACCA qualification. That makes it one of the most sought-after professional certifications for accountancy in the world.
ACCA proposes you to the affairs of business and financial management. The knowledge and insights; you get from the course help you build the grounding to successfully run a business. For a person who aspires to become an entrepreneur, ACCA can be the right choice for his ambition. ACCA members learn Auditing, Tax, and other Accountancy Business Practices.

Studying ACCA Course doesn’t require any special academic arrangements as you can study the Course Online and in person. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any study model that is suitable for your particular needs.
ACCA opens several doors for you even in terms of further education and life experiences. It’s a great Organization for many advanced specialisms within professional services. For Example, Many ACCAs decide that they are attracted to the area of Law.
The Law module in the ACCA qualification helps to give you a solid grounding in Corporate and Business Law. So, there are some crossovers, and this could account for why some seek to progress in this direction.
However, if you are likely to practice Law after becoming an ACCA member, you need to look into studying for a law degree.
You have ten years to complete the qualification, but students can complete it within three years. You can either study full-time or study part-time while working.
Studying for the ACCA while working is a popular option because it allows you to continue your career, earn money and apply your learning in practice to satisfy your professional experience requirements. Plus, your employer will often cover the costs of ACCA Qualification.

Anyone can pass the ACCA, but not everyone will. Is that because the ACCA is difficult? Not really. If you put in the time and are dedicated to passing, you will be able to pass exams and keep going until you are ACCA Qualified!


ACCA is one of the most prestigious and recognized courses globally. Being an ACCA member gives you ample opportunities worldwide. You can choose to be anything that interests you. Compared to other Accounting Courses. ACCA is not so difficult as there is huge flexibility. You can complete the course at your own pace and time. While working or as a student. It truly is one of the Best Accounting Courses Available.

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